Equipment and machinery

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Sense and adapt with IoT

By better monitoring, managing, and controlling your equipment, you can optimize their performance and transform your business.

From skyscraper tower cranes, to wheeled harvesters, to underground drills, we can help you build innovation into your range of assets. By collecting and surveying vital equipment data, you can develop new efficiencies and structure your business in ways that create new value.

  • Support both Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) standard and non-AEMP standard data on one platform
  • Extend asset data to other enterprise systems through standard interfaces, or extract it for other purposes, using standardized APIs and services.
  • A single user interface incorporates telematics data from monitoring devices installed by OEMs, as well as our provided tracking devices


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Multiple configurations support a variety of use cases:

  • Modular hardware platform
  • Dynamic firmware
  • Multiple battery pack options: field replaceable, rechargeable
  • Simple device-level programming
  • Dynamic over-the-air device configuration
Agricultural, construction, industrial floor, oil and gas

Agricultural, construction, industrial floor, oil and gas

Fixed or mobile

Fixed or mobile

Powered or unpowered

Powered or unpowered

Light, medium or heavy duty equipment

Light, medium or heavy duty equipment

Power options image

Power options

  • Plugged in
  • Battery
  • Solar
  • Kinetic energy harvesting


  • 3G/LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite
  • Dual mode

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