Case study: a leading U.S. railroad

Case study: a leading U.S. railroad

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Success in an industry that’s always in motion requires a commitment to forward-thinking technologies and powerful, state-of-the-art communication tools. However, in the face of tight schedules, budgets and personnel constraints, a lot of transportation companies can be slow to upgrade. AT&T Unified Communications Consulting is designed to overcome these challenges by connecting businesses with the management and expertise they need to keep moving forward.

Empowering your Team with Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) helps simplify the complexity of using separate, incompatible phone, messaging and information systems. By centralizing applications in a cloud-based environment, Unified Communications gives employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere, and from almost any device. AT&T developed a customized Unified Communications solution to help a leading U.S. railway operator increase efficiency and get the company’s technology up to par with the hardworking employees that run it.

Designing a Solid Unified Communications Foundation

The railway’s main challenge was to modernize fragmented communication systems with a flexible, cloud-based infrastructure. To help the company make the transition, our Consulting experts planned, designed and deployed a hybrid UC solution that integrated our core network services with third-party applications. Key components included:

  • AT&T network services
    Fully-managed hosting in our global data centers as well as SIP trunking that enables voice communications over IP infrastructure
  • Microsoft application services
    An AT&T-hosted Microsoft Lync solution with integrated VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing and cloud-based productivity tools via Microsoft Office 365®
  • Genesys™ contact center solution
    AT&T-hosted IVR (interactive voice response) and contact center solution for more efficient operations and customer interactions

By centralizing voice, collaboration and customer service applications within our global IP network, our UC consulting experts helped the company focus less on managing infrastructure and more on delivering its core services.

Streamlining Communication

We replaced the railroad’s legacy communication infrastructure with a highly reliable Microsoft Lync solution that integrates with Office 365®, Exchange, SharePoint® and Unified Messaging. By creating a simple, single-client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, AT&T helped employees to efficiently connect to the people and resources they needed most – from virtually any location or device.

Increasing Flexibility and Controlling Costs

A major part of the solution involved replacing legacy PBX (private branch exchange) infrastructure with UC capabilities as well as SIP trunking that enabled employees to make calls over the company’s IP network. We helped the railroad navigate the complexities of planning, launching and integrating Unified Communications and SIP trunking technology into its existing infrastructure, while also minimizing service interruptions. This portion of the solution helped the railroad:

  • Create a centralized communication platform for office and field employees
  • Benefit from lower, more predictable costs by sending long-distance calls over the company’s IP network
  • Pay only for the bandwidth employees use, while maintaining the ability to accommodate occasional spikes in traffic
  • Reduce hardware complexity and centralize management of voice infrastructure
  • Improve site resiliency with highly available, IP-based voice

Enhancing Experiences for Employees and Customers

Unified Communications and SIP trunking integration also helped support a fully hosted Genesys™ Contact Center solution. Taking service and support capabilities into the AT&T cloud enabled the railroad to efficiently connect customers to a network of 600 contact center agents across the U.S. In addition, it also helped the railroad streamline internal logistics and operations by minimizing costs, complexity and hardware.

Tapping Into the Versatility of AT&T UC Consulting

Coordinating commerce across the American heartland is just one example of our Unified Communications Consulting team in action. Our proven, vendor-agnostic approach has the flexibility to benefit a wide range of industries, providing everything from complete communications architectures to hosted and managed offerings – as well as the strategic planning, deployment, integration and maintenance required to make them a reality.

No matter what your organization needs, we have the resources to help you make the most out of existing infrastructure, while also harnessing the power of emerging tools and technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Helped reduce IT complexity and maintenance demands
  • User-based access to key applications from virtually anywhere
  • A more affordable and predictable cost structure
  • Helped increase network reliability and resistance to outages
  • The flexibility to adapt cloud-based infrastructure as business needs evolve

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