Tour the IoT Tech Stack

From choosing which IoT network to use to platforms for connectivity, data processing and security, here we take you on a journey through the IoT tech stack to help you build fast, scalable solutions for the Internet of Things.

Learn the tech stack

IoT is a combination of technologies that work together to create valuable, actionable information. Get perspective on the key IoT layers from our Internet of Things president, Chris Penrose.


How to sense and adapt

4 ways to sense and adapt with IoT that can help you touch, see, hear and balance.


Explore the possibilities of sensor data and IoT. Collecting sensor data is a key first step to creating new efficiencies with near
real-time information. Read the e-book.

Choose your IoT network

You need to connect to the IoT network that best fits the specific demands of your IoT solution, devices and network environment.

What you need to know about IoT WAN report

Which IoT network technology should you consider and how do you choose?

Read this report.

Here we examine IoT wide area networks (WAN) including:

  • Broadband cellular
  • LTE-M
  • Satellite

Pick your IoT module


Compare 100+ IoT modules

Connect around the world

It's not enough to simply connect devices in IoT. You need a scalable management platform that gives you control over your devices with real-time insight, diagnostics, and automation.

Watch this video on how to manage your IoT network using Global SIM and Control Center.


Develop and scale fast

IoT platforms can help you focus on the value of IoT data versus developing the backend systems to process it.

  • Collect
  • Store
  • Analyze
  • Alert

Watch this video to see how developers from Grindbit use M2X Data Service to speed up their time to market.

Saritasa tells their developer story on M2X Data Service and Flow Designer to speed their time to market. Watch the video.

Deploy with high security

We have seen a dramatic 458% increase in IoT vulnerability scans against devices. We report this finding and more in our AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report on Securing the Internet of Things.


Download the report.

Security is the #1 barrier to IoT adoption.
- Business Insider survey, January 2015

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