The connected guest

Today’s diners and foodies expect to connect to the Internet wherever they eat. Studies show that Wi-Fi availability affects consumer behavior and can play a big role in where they choose to do business.

For restaurants, patrons who want to stay connected to work or friends during meals will make a point to pick a place to eat that offers complimentary Wi-Fi. But Wi-Fi doesn’t just benefit the consumer, it can also lead to deeper customer relationships and support new delivery and service concepts.


"Restaurant guests don’t just want complimentary Wi-Fi. They expect it."

The connected guest

Introducing AT&T Business Wi-Fi

AT&T Business Wi-Fi lets you provide wireless Internet access for both guests and employees. Our highly secure solution keeps public and private traffic separate, prioritizing your back-office traffic. It’s a design that lets you meet your business objectives and also satisfy consumer demand.

It adds value for marketing and management

AT&T Business Wi-Fi can help with your marketing efforts. Promote your restaurant’s brand and the value of complimentary Wi-Fi to guests via an easy to develop, customized landing page.

Gain insight into how your guests use Wi-Fi

AT&T Business Wi-Fi provides a portal for access to centralized reporting. It shows you network status and anonymized, aggregated customer information in easy to read, graphical formats. Our Wi-Fi solution gives you valuable information that can help you engage with your guests and serve them better.

65% of consumers expect quick serve restaurants to provide complimentary Wi-Fi.

65% of consumers expect quick serve restaurants to provide complimentary Wi-Fi.

40% of eaters consider Wi-Fi a “very important” consideration in choosing a restaurant.

40% of eaters consider Wi-Fi a “very important” consideration in choosing a restaurant.

Scale easily for highly secure connections

Need to integrate private and public Wi-Fi networks with a highly secure IPsec VPN for remote locations? AT&T Multiservice VPN gives you the capability to enable private applications over a highly secure network to meet your business needs. And, the Wi-Fi network equipment delivers both the Wi-Fi connection and the IPsec capability in one access point.

It’s easy to deploy

Professional and self-installation options are available, based on your needs. Select from three flexible management options for equipment and services. If you prefer a capex model, you can purchase the equipment, and AT&T will manage it at a reduced monthly fee per access point.

AT&T Business Wi-Fi benefits

  • Show your guests you understand their need to stay connected
  • Deliver a stress free dining experience where work can be finished
  • Secure a competitive advantage over other restaurants
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve efficiency for back-office operations
  • Enable innovative forms of service delivery like “Line Busting”
  • Enable digital signage and third-party telemetry to monitor performance and improve efficiency
  • Support a home-away-from home experience, driving daypart traffic and increasing revenue
AT&T Business Wi-Fi benefits
AT&T Business Wi-Fi features

AT&T Business Wi-Fi features

  • Multiple access points
  • Wi-Fi coverage for your entire dining area and back of house
  • Two public networks: “att-wifi” and your own branded network name
  • Highly secure back-office network
  • Scalable model – install in a few or thousands of locations
  • Professional or self-installation
  • Three flexible management options
  • 24/7 technical and network support
  • Customizable connection pages
  • URL filtering
  • Centralized management and reporting
  • Compatibility with any Internet provider
  • Perfect complement for DIRECTV

AT&T is a preeminent provider of Wi-Fi services, delivering highly reliable and scalable connectivity, with 24/7 support for both your end users and your employees. We can handle a variety of deployment types and support a wide array of applications. We’ll take care of everything from network design to installation.

Get the high-quality service you want, from a company you trust. AT&T.

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