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In an increasingly digital world, customers are still turning to physical locations to complete financial activities. Services such as opening deposit accounts, cashing and depositing checks, and seeking financial advice are still heavily reliant on in-person interactions, making the customer experience so important.

Introducing AT&T Business Wi-Fi

AT&T Business Wi-Fi helps you deliver a connected, full-service experience. Our highly secure solution delivers a fully-integrated, managed Wi-Fi service that connects and helps protect your business applications and data. With AT&T Data Patterns™ for Visitors, this solution helps you answer key consumer segment demographic and behavioral questions inside and outside of your store—a powerful combination to help optimize your business.

Introducing AT&T Business Wi-Fi

Promote and manage your Wi-Fi network

AT&T Business Wi-Fi can help with your marketing efforts while also helping to protecting your bank’s Wi-Fi network. Promote your brand and the value of complimentary Wi-Fi to clients via an easy to develop, customized connection page. Manage your bank’s network by connecting users under AT&T Terms of Service. AT&T will monitor user behavior, and, address CALEA requests. Passpoint™ authentication will add a further level of encryption and security.


Gain insights

AT&T Business Wi-Fi with AT&T Data Patterns™ for Visitors provides valuable insights into demographic and behavioral patterns inside and outside your business. Our unique solution shows network status and helps you make operational decisions and build stronger relationships with your consumers. Customer information is protected by our privacy promise: customer information used for AT&T Data Patterns is only reported in a group or aggregate format. Individual customer identities remain anonymous. Customers have an opportunity to opt-out.


Scale easily with highly secure connections

Need to integrate private and public Wi-Fi networks with a highly secure IPsec VPN for remote locations? AT&T Multiservice VPN gives you the capability to enable private applications over a highly secure network to meet your business needs. And the Wi-Fi network equipment delivers both the Wi-Fi connection and the IPsec capability in one access point.


It’s easy to deploy

Install it yourself, or opt for professional installation. Select from three flexible service management options for your equipment and services. AT&T offers both an opportunity to purchase the equipment upfront or pay for the use of the equipment through monthly installments.

73% of consumers opening a new deposit account still do so in-person at physical locations

73% of consumers opening a new deposit account still do so in-person at physical locations*

*Source: Channel Effectiveness for Financial Services; The Nielsen

AT&T Business Wi-Fi benefits

AT&T Business Wi-Fi benefits

  • Show your customers you understand their need to stay connected
  • Deliver a stress free and secure banking experience that promotes mobile banking
  • Make smarter decisions on branch locations, size, and demographic needs
  • Gain a platform for employee training and BYOD
  • Open bandwidth for other wired/wireless applications like digital signage, customer kiosks, coin counters, and HVAC controls
  • Improve efficiency for back-office operations
  • Enable innovative forms of service delivery
  • Create a gathering place for remote workers, contractors, and community organizations
  • Support target customers with a concierge service

AT&T Business Wi-Fi features

  • Multiple access points
  • Wi-Fi coverage for your store
  • Two public networks: “att-wifi” and your branded network
  • Highly secure back office network
  • Scalable solution; install in a few or thousands of locations
  • Professional or self-installation


  • Customizable connection pages
  • URL filtering
  • Centralized management and reporting
  • Compatibility with any Internet provider

AT&T is a preeminent provider of Wi-Fi services, delivering highly reliable and scalable connectivity, with 24/7 support for both your customers and your employees. We can handle a variety of deployment types and support a wide array of applications. We can take care of your Wi-Fi network design and installation.

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