Highly secure access across devices

Extend the reach of your corporate VPN to remote staff and their mobile devices

VPN mobility

VPN in the age of mobility
Most companies today rely on VPN to keep locations interconnected and to give their people highly secure access to applications and tools that are shared by others within the network.

But what happens when a workforce extends beyond the office? You extend the highly secure network to them, whether they’re traveling or working from various locations. The workplace can be virtually anywhere—an airport, a hotel room, a coffee shop, or at home.

Device diversity

Device Diversity
How can you provide connectivity for people who access resources from various devices types, and are connecting via wired and mobile broadband, and Wi-Fi?

Remote access services can extend your enterprise VPN to nearly any device, providing a consistent experience from device to device.

Whether your team needs to connect to customer information, use sales-tracking software, or check inventory, both remote and mobile employees can have fast, flexible, highly secure access to corporate applications and resources.

  • Make your device your office

    When work has you on the go, remote access provides fast connections to a range of mobile devices, so your employees can have:

    • A consistent VPN access experience in or away from the home office
    • Flexible access from smartphones, tablets, and laptops
    • Reliable high bandwidth mobile broadband and global Wi-Fi access to turn wait time into 
productive time
    • Highly secure remote access to help keep communications and data private
    • Global access via the AT&T Network

Stay connected and productive on the go

Give your team the flexibility, security, and simplicity to work remotely

Remote access services provides seamless, secure integration of wireline and wireless access technologies and virtually any mobile device. It extends your existing enterprise infrastructure so that employees on the go, working remotely, or in small branch offices can access your network and the assets they need.

Work remotely
  • Remote access service features

    • Intelligent access selection, with the ability to detect available, pre-determined access options
    • Automatic connection in order of preference
    • Support for multiple access types, including wired and wireless access
    • Embedded firewall providing encrypted, unreplayable login
    • Optional AT&T Endpoint Security for added protection
    • Signal strength display for existing connection and all available access points
    • Virtually automatic, persistent connection

Mobile access to your AT&T VPN Network

Remote access delivers coverage, performance, security features, and convenience

With remote access services, you will enhance when, where, and how you conduct business.

  • Extend your reach. Remote access services can be ideal for extending the reach of your corporate VPN to telecommuters and remote staff in a home or small office setting.

  • Keep data exchange private. Employees receive a consistent VPN access experience from their home office or mobile device, with highly secure access to enterprise applications and resources from virtually anywhere, to protect communications and keep data private.

  • Work from virtually anywhere. Access from almost any type of mobile device, from nearly any location gives your workforce the tools they need to be more productive. When bad weather or other circumstances keep employees away from the office, they can still get their work done.

  • Redundant wireless connection. Your small office locations can combine on premises equipment with mobile broadband technology to have a redundant connection that can usually be restored quickly. If your facility is damaged, you can move the premises equipment—and still connect to your corporate network with mobile broadband technology.

  • Manage through an intuitive, easy-to-use portal. The AT&T Global Network Client provides connectivity management software that gives you the power to administer your remote access groups.

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