SD-WAN - Static Over the Top

SD-WAN - Static Over the Top

Leverage IPSec in a site to site VPN

Provide exceptional protection for data with end-to-end encryption

Create a simple, highly secure VPN connection between remote users, satellite offices, or mobile employee and your network hub using IPSec tunnels.

Static Over-the-Top Solution

IPSec is today’s most widely used encryption technology, and the AT&T SD-WAN – Static Over the Top solution uses IPSec to create highly secure pathways that carry your data encrypted over public networks.

There are two common types of VPNs: (1) MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), a solution that operates over a single carrier’s network, and (2) IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), which uses virtual tunnels to send encrypted data between sites over the public Internet.

By connecting satellite locations to a centralized MPLS VPN via virtual tunnels, companies can benefit from the flexibility and reach of broadband as well as the quality of service offered by a managed MPLS solution which would be an example of SD-Wan - Static Network Based VPN.


  • Create a highly secure path over the Internet or other public networks. Transporting data over public networks has an inherent security risk. The AT&T SD-WAN – Static Over the Top solution offers a variety of security and efficiency features to support your private network.
  • Encryption helps prevent others from copying or reading transmitted information.
  • Integrity checks help ensure that no one tampers with data in transit.
  • Authentication verifies that the user sending or viewing the data is authorized to do so.
  • Application enablement offers compatible and flexible service components, allowing you to easily add applications over IP, and take advantage of multiple access options.
  • Management capabilities provide custom visibility, a control and command portal with flexible management options, and on-demand online resources.
  • Wireless integration extends the enterprise VPN to mobile devices, with remote access virtually anywhere, on any device, with same user experience.
Send encrypted business data


Highly secure access to your VPN

Protect your confidential data as it travels from point A to point B.
AT&T SD-WAN – Static Over the Top using IPSec is a fully-managed, premises-based service with all required hardware and software located at your business or employee locations, supporting your enterprise:



Performance through seamless integration of applications with your core infrastructure from multiple types of connections.

Control and visibility

Control and visibility

Control and visibility through powerful web-based tools that monitor VPN activity and enforce user authentication and encrypted transport of data, from users in the office or working remotely



Agility through an integrated networking platform that lets you quickly add or change applications as your business needs dictate.



Security through built-in, robust security measures at every network layer to minimize the risk of outages and intrusions.

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