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AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise

Cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for your business

High Speed Internet - Enterprise from AT&T offers highly secure, high-speed, cost-effective business Internet connectivity over existing landlines—without interrupting voice services.

AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise offers solutions to enhance the reach, reliability, and quality of access to the Internet nationwide for all your company’s locations. This service is compatible across multiple technologies and is able to deliver connectivity across multiple technologies depending on availability at your location.

  • Flexible options for growth with AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise

    Order added services a la carte or select a bundle for extra value, and stay connected to the information, content and data you need, no matter where work takes you. Consider AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise for:

    • Broadband Internet connectivity for your office locations
    • Nationwide reach over the AT&T IP backbone
    • Global access via the AT&T network

Support the flow of your data

Run bandwidth-intensive business and multimedia software

Choose AT&T as your High Speed Internet Services Provider, and:

  • Enjoy a single point of contact for your business’ connectivity needs

  • Access the Internet and your Intranet

  • Stream audio and video and transfer large amounts of data

  • Provide access to remote workers

  • Select speed options and configurations

Mobilize your workforce

Extend your reach

Give your business the capabilities to excel

Choose value-added services with your AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise connection to mobilize your workforce. These services include:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunneling Service
  • IP VPN Remote Access
  • Teleconferencing
  • Voice over IP

Home office/small office solutions
AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise offers options to give your business the capabilities you need at a great value.

  • Access your AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise from remote or home offices
  • Connect your offices to one or multiple computers via wired or wireless access, from one location to multiple branches nationwide


Business application support
AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise offers options in speeds and configurations that can help your business-critical applications. AT&T High Speed Internet - Enterprise provides:

  • The bandwidth to support services such as data backup and teleconferencing
  • Dynamic sharing of bandwidth between voice and data, helping you save bandwidth and money

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