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An Ethernet wide area network solution

OPT-E-WAN service

Are the demands of your business constantly changing and resulting in increased data traffic, deployment of new business applications and globalization?

Do you need to add new locations and adjust bandwidth without investing in a whole new network?

Do you need to connect data centers and enterprise locations that have large bandwidth requirements supporting voice, video and data communications?

OPT-E-WAN® service allows your multiple locations to communicate with each other across a wide area network, with the control and feel of a local area network. OPT-E-WAN service enables Ethernet Virtual Private LAN connection between locations. OPT-E-WAN service helps future-proof your business by being able to grow and change with your business and applications needs.

OPT-E-WAN service: A carrier Ethernet wide area solution

OPT-E-WAN service provides flexible bandwidth options, from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, to help you meet your changing data needs.

OPT-E-WAN service provides multiple classes of service to support the service performance you require for your various applications.

OPT-E-WAN service supports many transport data configurations so your network will look and feel the way you want.

OPT-E-WAN service can complement AT&T VPN, as well as local area Ethernet solutions, or provide you with an end-to-end Ethernet network.

OPT-E-WAN service has local, national and international reach-so you can consistently deploy Ethernet virtually anywhere you do business. Connect multiple LANS and MANS (Metropolitan Area Networks) on a national and global basis. You can have a global network with a local Ethernet feel.

Global MPLS Network

OPT-E-WAN service delivers a service solution for those who prefer to “Do-It-Yourself” or for special applications where you want to eliminate complexities and maintain network and service control. OPT-E-WAN service is a simplified approach to your business network that is ideal for important business needs.

  • You need to connect high value data hubs, call centers, or media centers together with large pipes with full end-user control
  • Your applications are very security sensitive and require encryption of the entire address
  • You have built your network backbone or MPLS network and want Ethernet Private LAN service to augment your design
  • You want to build an Ethernet VPN using the IT knowledge and skills that you already have. You have a local Ethernet MAN network and are looking to extend it to a wide-area
OPT-E-WAN service


AT&T OPT-E-WAN service can easily change with your business. OPT-E-WAN service is able to vary bandwidth to suit your business applications needs. Locations can be added, removed or moved as needed.


You control the switching and routing as well as security. No sharing of routing tables; your private network stays private.


OPT-E-WAN VPLS Service is scalable from 1Mbps up to 10 Gbps which can enable your changing and emerging applications.


OPT-E-WAN service is an Ethernet solution that allows network managers to use their existing knowledge of the LAN to manage the WAN.


Delivers Carrier Ethernet with MPLS network performance and benefits, combined with 24x7 monitoring to keep your business running.

Ethernet wide area network

Service features

AT&T OPT-E-WAN service supports a variety of features:

  • Coverage*
  • - National network- Dense metropolitan coverage
    - Global reach
  • Flexible and Complementary Configuration Types
  • - Point to Point- Point to Multi-Point (Hub & Spoke)
    - Multi-Point to Multi-Point (Any to Any)
    - Optional network and access diversity features
  • Three Supported Traffic Types
  • - Unicast
    - Multi-Cast
    - Broadcast

Benefits and applications


  • You fully control your network routing and tune convergence performance for your enterprise
  • You have any-to-any connectivity between your locations using Ethernet access
  • Your Carrier Ethernet is powered by AT&T’s Global MPLS Network with its inherent reliability, throughput, and low delay and jitter
  • You can deploy complementary Ethernet MANs and connect them together for complete control of your WAN. AT&T VPN solutions are also complementary so when you demand full control between data centers, call centers and media centers you can still use AT&T VPN for spoke locations and reach
  • You can utilize existing Ethernet switches for ease of implementation and potential savings
  • You have a global Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), for consistent application deployment and scaling
opt-e-wan benefits


opt-e-wan video and media

Video and Media

  • High bandwidth, low delay, high reliability and fast restoration
  • Multicast available with fast restoration
Control and visibility

Voice over IP

  • Supports VoIP solutions with rapid convergence times
  • Simplified integration of VoIP applications
opt-e-wan streaming

Streaming information and transactions

  • High bandwidth, very low delay and jitter
  • Customer enabled encryption of the entire Layer 3 packet (address and payload)
opt-e-wan routing

No need to share routing

  • Encryption can be at the frame level for critical applications
  • Diversity options for more network protection
opt-e-wan MAN extensions

MAN extensions

  • Extend your LAN outside the MAN to distant cities and countries
  • Connect independent MANs together
opt-e-wan security


  • No need to share routing
  • Encryption can be at the frame level for critical applications
  • Diversity options for more network protection

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