Ethernet services

Ethernet services

Seamlessly connect your business together

Leverage what you have today to build tomorrow’s network

What would it mean if you had the ability to design a network that will grow with you and has the true flexibility to run large, diverse applications across town, across the state or even globally? That capability can be leveraged right from your Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) to seamlessly connect your business together as if there was no distance between you and another office whether they are 5, 500, or even 5,000 miles away.

Meeting your networking needs

You require faster data speeds but also need to access the Internet and have other locations with different application requirements. The versatility of Ethernet can solve that by providing the high speed, on-time performance you demand while acting as the on-ramp to both the Internet and your IP VPN network. Ethernet can transport your information, so you can focus on your core business.

Build on your existing architecture, use Ethernet as a back-up network or simply use it for a new, more reliable way to communicate. You may have highly sensitive data and need the full control that Ethernet provides. Security, continuity, and efficiency are realized as your IT staff will set the traffic routes, insert data encryption, and police content without expensive outsourcing to do this.

Features and benefits


Ethernet services connecting

Ethernet can be configured as a private line connecting two locations or a meshed network connecting hundreds of sites

Ethernet services nod

Use Network on Demand to instantaneously add locations, change services, or scale capacity

Ethernet services speed

Whether small or large bandwidth, faster upload than download speeds, your options range from 2Mbps to 100Gbps

Ethernet services same

Ethernet works and feels the same in the LAN, MAN, or WAN so it’s familiar and easy to deploy

Potential benefits

Potential benefits

  • Ethernet is universal technology with a familiar look and feel that makes it easier to connect and run
  • You’re in control as you route, manage, and prioritize applications
  • Respond to your changing business with a virtual on demand network
  • Well suited for bandwidth intensive applications like VoIP, video, storage, and data center consolidation

Services and options

An Ethernet arrangement for you

Switched Ethernet

This option is perfect if you are supporting many sites. Your business may have two or more locations and may need a point-to-point, hub and spoke or fully meshed network design. With switched Ethernet, you can grow from one to many sites and you choose which sites will communicate with each other. Switched Ethernet is a shared network arrangement which provides a low cost easy to build solution.

An Ethernet arrangement for you

Dedicated Ethernet

For concentrated heavy bandwidth use, dedicated Ethernet is the way to go. If your business has heavy bandwidth between two locations, like data center to data center file transfers or two large sites (sales distribution center to accounting), you may require a high bandwidth, reliable, highly secure, and cost effective point-to-point link.

Ethernet hybrid network

Hybrid networks that work together. Your business may have hundreds or even thousands of locations, so it may not be practical to have a single network like Ethernet. That’s where a hybrid network solution is the answer. Both Ethernet and IP VPN services offer you a range of choices and benefits that fill the need to run multiple applications at remote locations, branch offices, and heavy bandwidth sites.

Ethernet hybrid network

Ethernet access

Ethernet access is the fastest growing access technology available today. While Ethernet is a technology and a network in itself, it’s also the gateway to your IP VPN or the Internet.

Copper solution

Use copper to minimize construction costs. This is great news if your business is in an area that is not fiber rich such as a rural area. For bandwidth speeds of 10Mbps or below, Ethernet may be provided over the same copper pairs used for your telephone service. This saves on expensive costs to install fiber.

Network on Demand is here

Network on Demand is here

Introducing AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand where you can quickly add or change services, order additional sites, ramp up bandwidth capacity and manage your network in real-time. Network on Demand will provide your business with a new foundation for which you can intelligently plan and react to business changes easily. You’ll have full visibility into the network to deploy or change services and scale bandwidth through a user-friendly virtual catalog.

After all, who knows their business better than you? You now have the flexibility and freedom to connect sites, workgroups and applications faster and more securely; where needed, when needed, and as needed.

Performance, agility, and control

AT&T Ethernet services deliver simplicity and connectivity to new and existing services, for ease of integration with your emerging applications.



AT&T offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitoring and management of your network to help ensure maximum performance of your applications



Ethernet is extended from your local area network to the metropolitan area network and across the wide area network; allowing for simplified networking solutions around the globe



With committed Ethernet data rates you have virtually seamless control of VoIP and IP telephony services and other networking applications with a simple and consistent transport technology across the local, metropolitan or wide area network.

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