NetMotion Mobility

NetMotion Mobility

Provide exceptional mobile experiences

NetMotion Mobility® from AT&T is a leading intelligent VPN solution for highly secure connectivity and management of mobile deployments. It’s designed specifically to help your workers relying on wireless networks and mobile devices to get their jobs done.

Overcome wireless challenges

We can help you overcome the major challenges of mobile computing:

  • Connectivity: Deliver a resilient, “always-on” connectivity experience that can exceed user expectations.
  • Visibility: Unleash usage metrics for devices, applications, and networks for business intelligence.
  • Control: Take management control over network access and enterprise resources to give users a customized mobile experience.
  • Diagnostics: Pinpoint and resolve connectivity issues end-to-end from the mobile device, across any network to your enterprise and cloud applications.
Overcome wireless challenges

Transform mobile access

Designed to maximize your mobile users’ experience.

  • Control access to applications and devices—for a single user or your entire organization—based on customizable conditions like the time of day, network type, or even application bandwidth requirements.
  • Self-diagnose connectivity issues and at the press of a button analyze every data hop—between devices and application servers—to solve the problem.
  • Optimize data delivery for faster throughput across even the most bandwidth constrained network.

Transforms mobile access for both mobile users and the IT support team entrusted to manage and support them. Network Access Control (NAC) modules queries subscribed Windows devices (only) to determine whether they have adequate security measures in place before allowing connectivity and granting access to applications and data.

Extensive platform support
Platform support is available for iPhone and iPad on iOS 8.0 or newer, Mac (running OS X El Capitan and later), Android devices (running on Android 4.0 or later), Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, and Windows Pro Tablets, as well as devices running Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Benefits and features

Potential benefits

  • Highly secure access – simplified
  • Increased uptime, reliability and ROI
  • Reduced support costs and TCO
  • Conditional application and network-aware policy controls
  • Effective wireless network and device troubleshooting
  • Improved IT service delivery
  • Advanced reporting and metrics
Benefits and Features


  • Always-on intelligent VPN security
  • Network performance monitoring and diagnostics
  • Virtual server deployment
  • Optimized performance
  • Centralized management and reporting


NetMotion Mobility from AT&T

Pricing options to fit your needs
NetMotion Mobility subscription pricing
  • Mobility software for supported operating systems (Windows, Android, and iOS)
  • Policy, analytics and NAC product modules
  • Premium support and maintenance
  • Free upgrades to new versions
$9.95 per
device per

* One year commitment required. 50% early termination fee applies if canceled before contract end date.

NetMotion Mobility perpetual universal license

Perpetual pricing is quoted as a per-device cost, with pricing based on the number of licenses purchased. It includes policy, Network Access Controls and analytics. Universal license means it includes all operating systems and mobility features.

NetMotion Mobility perpetual universal license
Number of licenses Price per device
25-99 $315
100-249 $240
250-499 $225
500-999 $210
1st 1000 $160
1,000 + $110

Server license fee is $5,000. The server license fee is waived if the customer purchases 1,000 or more licenses. Policy, Network Access Control (NAC) and analytics may be purchased separately. NAC can only be used on Windows.


Premium maintenance includes

  • 24x7 technical support
  • Response times based on severity level
  • Major upgrades to software at no additional charge for organizations that currently subscribe to the latest version of software
  • Minor upgrades and maintenance releases
  • Access to tech notes and web-based support
Term Premium Standard
1 year* 25% 15%
2 years* 22% 14%
3 years* 20% 13%

Standard maintenance includes:

  • Technical support between 5:00 am – 5:00 pm PT/Monday - Friday
  • Minor upgrades and maintenance releases
  • Discounted major version software upgrades
  • Access to tech notes and web-based support

* Maintenance charges are billed annually and calculated by multiplying the perpetual license fees by the applicable percentage for the number of years subscribed.

* Standard and Premium Maintenance for the solution are offered by NetMotion Software, Inc. (“NetMotion”), provided subject to terms and conditions at

Customers that purchase perpetual licenses are required to purchase either Standard or Premium maintenance service for the first year of service; after the first year, the purchase of maintenance is optional. Premium maintenance is included in the fees for subscription licenses. NetMotion is solely responsible for all technical support, including maintenance services.

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