AT&T Messaging Toolkit

AT&T Messaging Toolkit

An internal and external solution

Your everything mobile communications

Your everything mobile communications

Text messaging (SMS) is the most immediate, attention-grabbing, and cost-effective communication channel there is. SMS also boasts the highest read rate of any channel: 90% of all texts are read within three minutes of delivery. It is no surprise to see that more and more businesses are adopting text messaging for their communications. Uses of texting range from alerts, customer service, employee communications, sales and marketing, and even to authentication. AT&T Messaging Toolkit does it all, both internally and externally, with a user-friendly interface that makes automation and management a breeze.

Improve internal communications

Strengthen employee communications by sending mass texts as company-wide announcements, benefit alerts, meeting reminders, staffing announcements, and targeted texts for recruiting, shift confirmations, and critical broadcasts. An automated birthday or anniversary picture message can add a personal touch as well. Texting can help increase survey response rates too. If you send employee surveys through text rather than email, you can get more responses and get them faster too.

Better customer service

Studies show that more than half of customers said they would prefer to contact customer service by texting rather than email or calling. By allowing customers to text in their simple questions or inquiries, you can spare them time spent on hold and free up your own phone lines. Texting is also an efficient way to send appointment reminders. It’s also a great way to send account or shipment alerts, fraud warnings, and timely reminders using texts based on individual preferences. Plus, you can resend important alerts if the first message was unread or if the embedded link was not clicked.

Generate more sales

Automatically send targeted and perfectly timed offers and promotions based on interest and behavioral history. Add mobile coupons and loyalty program features to boost repeat business. Mobile coupons are much more likely to be redeemed than traditional paper coupons. E-coupons can be sent to all mobile phones, not just smartphones.

Receive analytics of your campaigns, letting you see what works and what doesn’t. Text-enable your business number to communicate quickly with your new customers. We even integrated with Salesforce, so that when you capture leads using AT&T Messaging Toolkit, they will automatically appear in your Salesforce account, letting you have two-way text chats via the Salesforce interface.

Improve internal communications
API integration

API integration

Maximize communication by integrating texting features into your system using one of our several APIs (HTTP, REST, and SMTP). You can also rest easy knowing sensitive information is kept highly secure, as we offer SMS two-factor authentication for login security.

So much more than just text

AT&T Messaging Toolkit gives you access to a variety of tools that let you diversify the way you communicate. Send plain text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) that include pictures and videos. Use long codes or 4, 5, or 6-digit short codes, which enable you to send up to 200 messages per second. You can choose between the included shared short code or purchase your own dedicated code to which subscribers can text your keyword. If you already have a database of subscribers who have given you full consent to receive texts, you can easily import those numbers into your management tool.

Wow your customers

Use features like Text-to-Join keywords that can be texted by subscribers to opt-in to your messaging program and create messages that are automatically sent to subscribers when they opt-in using your mobile keyword. You can also run campaigns on autopilot. Set a condition, and when it’s met, the app’s software automatically carries out a preset action that can be anything from sending a message or coupon to setting a full drip campaign in motion. Best of all–You can add AT&T Landline Texting, which lets you use send and receive texts via the 10-digit (toll-free or landline number that your business already operates and advertises.

Wow your customers

Enterprise-grade capabilities with everything you need

AT&T Messaging Toolkit gives you SMS, MMS, email and social media, all on a single integrated platform. Brand the management tool with your own name for better user adoption. The easy to use interface will display your brand when users log in. By adopting a multi-channel strategy and using the channel each subscriber prefers, you can reach even those who still prefer to be contacted by email. You can even send a message from your email to be delivered as a text message.

Management tools

Access control lets many different users access your account, but enables you to decide which features and data they are allowed to access. If your enterprise operates at multiple locations, you can keep data separate for each location or department. That way, only your California location will be able to message your Los Angeles-based customers. You can also save time and maintain a consistent brand image using pre-made templates, or you can create your own.

Analytics features enable you to fine-tune campaigns and allocate message credits as needed. And AT&T Messaging Toolkit uses redundant data centers, servers, network connectivity, and multiple paths to wireless carriers, so that you can have maximum availability.

API for programmers

If you already have your own application, you can incorporate our messaging features into it—SMS, MMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Our API’s two-factor authentication feature also can help improve your online account security by requiring a one-time code that’s either emailed or texted to a user when suspicious network traffic or an unknown IP address are detected. And AT&T’s support team can provide assistance with API integration if needed.

Messaging and marketing features

Messaging features
Marketing features

Messaging features

  • Mobile keywords: text-to-join keywords are registered words that customers can text to opt-in to your messaging program.
  • Picture messaging: send plain text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) that include pictures and videos.
  • Import subscribers: import your subscriber database into
    AT&T Messaging Toolkit.
  • Auto-responder: create messages that are automatically sent to consumers when they opt-in via your mobile keywords.
  • Short codes: short codes are shortened (4, 5, or 6-digit) phone numbers that enable you to send up to 200 messages per second.
  • Appointment reminder: help ensure that clients show up for their appointments by sending text reminders via SMS.
  • Mobile coupons: send product or services offers to a consumer’s mobile device.

Management tools

  • Smart targeting optimizes your messages by catering them to each recipient’s interests.
  • Rules and triggers automates individualized and perfectly timed messages.
  • Enterprise-grade features help you grow without compromising control and security.
  • Cross-channel capabilities make it easy to reach all of your subscribers from a single user interface.
  • Long-code texting allows you to send and receive text messages using your existing business or direct number, instead of using your personal mobile number.
  • API enables you to text-enable your existing software.
  • Corporate branding gives you the flexibility to brand the software under your name.

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