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Archive SMS and MMS on corporate mobile phones

Archive SMS and MMS on corporate mobile phones

Employees are now using corporate mobile phones just as much as, if not more than, their desk phones. At the same time, businesses are being charged with making sure the processes they have in place to meet compliance requirements extend into the mobile environment.

Many companies have already transitioned their business processes to SMS and over-the-top messaging, and are now facing challenges with compliance and meeting the needs of their vertical business processes (e.g. Brokers texting clients, retail employees texting shoppers, and technicians texting each other). Even on corporate devices, SMS, MMS, and OTT messaging can be notoriously hard to manage for IT organizations.

HIPAA in healthcare, Dodd Frank legislation in finance, compliance around public records requests in government and numerous other regulations and policies make it imperative to restrict, manage, archive, audit, and control mobile messaging. This is not easy with an ever-increasing variety of messaging solutions and technologies.

With AT&T Message Archiving, all SMS and MMS messages placed from or terminating to a provisioned AT&T corporate mobile phone, are temporarily stored by the network and sent to a storage location specified by the customer. Messages are also captured when the customer roams on a covered non-AT&T network.

Network-based solution

Gaining user acceptance for any new solution can be a challenge. In fact, recording applications that reside on a device are more likely to be bypassed if they require extra logins or users that interrupt the call or disrupt their normal, familiar workflow.

With network-based AT&T Message Archiving:

  • Corporate device users make and receive messages in the usual way, using their own mobile phone number and the AT&T wireless network
  • Automated storage and processes require minimal user intervention
  • Message storage takes place within the AT&T network and helps avoid re-routing and connection time delays that can frustrate users and customers

Helps with compliance

The truth is, you can’t always depend upon your personnel to conduct business in a way that supports your compliance initiatives. For example, if a storage application resides on users’ devices, they may either forget to turn the function on, or they may opt to turn it off, potentially violating compliance stipulations that require a message to be stored.

To implement a program that helps you comply with regulations that require the capture, storage, and retrieval of messages, AT&T Message Archiving:

  • Stores originating and terminating SMS, and MMS messages for provisioned users who are on the AT&T Mobility network
  • Allows you, and not the corporate device user, to maintain control over what is stored and when
  • Sends message files and related meta data to your designated storage location
  • Enables you to centralize storage of stored message data to quickly retrieve, sort, and find messages
  • Complements the AT&T Mobile Call Recording (MCR) solution
Network-based solution. Helps with compliance.

Benefits and features

Potential benefits

  • An enterprise-class mobile message storage solution
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements where storage of SMS and MMS messages is required
  • Helps institute internal company policies regarding use of mobile devices in the workplace
  • Simple setup: network-based service, device agnostic with no need to install, or manage mobile applications
  • No change in subscriber behavior needed for message storage: no mobile app installation, authorized users of the service automatically have their messages stored, with storage parameters set by the enterprise
  • Can integrate into an existing email archiving infrastructure
AT&T Message Archiving potential benefits
AT&T Message Archiving features


  • Captures SMS, MMS, and attachments on provisioned AT&T corporate mobile phones
  • Customers can choose from two storage options: Company on-premise storage or AT&T cloud storage
  • Messages are stored even when roaming on a non-AT&T network
  • Complements AT&T Mobile Call Recording (MCR) solution

How it works

The company admin provides his consent for the service and AT&T enables Message Archiving service on the selected AT&T corporate mobile phones. All corporate SMS and MMS messages that originate from or terminate to these phones are temporarily stored on the AT&T Mobility network.

Customers can choose from two storage options:

Option 1: Company on-premise storage

Stored messages are pushed, in near real time, to a company provided URL via HTTPPOST and one-way SSL encryption. After a successful push, stored messages are deleted on the AT&T side. If the push fails, retries will occur for an additional 5 days until deletion by AT&T. Messages are stored even when the user is roaming on a non-AT&T network. All pushed messages are then encrypted, stored and viewed on the customer premise; no further end user action is required for message storage.

Option 2: AT&T cloud storage

Stored messages are encrypted and stored on the AT&T cloud. The company Admin can access a web portal to search, view and download stored messages (Archival as a Service). Messages are stored even when the user is roaming on a non-AT&T network. No further end user action is required for message storage.

How does AT&T Message Archiving work?

AT&T Message Archiving at Work



Use it as part of your program to help comply with government and industry regulations for mobile message storage across a variety of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, legal and others.



Store message conversations with customers to monitor and document performance and identify areas for improvement.



Financial companies can use it to verify trades and other transactions with customers. Insurance companies can use it to check stored messages to validate pre-authorized coverage for a claim.



Use message storage from seasoned and successful personnel to guide new workers in creating positive interactions that support your customer service initiatives and corporate policies.



Free personnel from the confines of the office, while still storing their phone messages. Let workers, such as insurance adjusters or nursing staff, capture and document messages while they are in the field to improve efficiency and productivity.



Enable on-going monitoring and review of company messaging traffic. Enable firms to evaluate individuals and team performance. Identify messages that may pose compliance risk.



Get to the bottom of complaints with a complete record of messages to help resolve issues more quickly and create a record of discussions about disputes.

Pricing options

AT&T Message Archiving is deployed by adding an individual feature to each AT&T corporate mobile phone.

Individual plan Price (Monthly recurring charge)

AT&T Message Archiving –
Company on-premise storage

$5/month per covered device

AT&T Message Archiving –
AT&T cloud storage

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