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Never miss a customer

AT&T Landline Texting is the solution that lets you send and receive texts using your existing business or toll-free number. Customers text your business number and you can respond back using a browser on your desktop or a mobile app. Or, you can start a new conversation.

How it Works

AT&T Landline Texting is simple to use. AT&T enables your existing business number to send and receive texts. Use a web browser or an app on your device to read your messages, send a response, or to send new messages. Your customers simply send and receive texts on their mobile phones as they do today. No new equipment is required, and you can text enable AT&T landline and toll-free services such as AT&T Phone, Business Local Calling, IP Toll-free and more, or stay with your current provider.

Once set up, you can manage your contacts list and, depending on the package purchased, take advantage of various productivity tools such as creating groups, adding a customized signature to your messages, or setting up an auto reply.

Never miss a customer. How it works.

Customers prefer texting

Customers can find calls intrusive and like to have the option of texting a business, as it puts control back in their hands.

In a world where voice calls and email are less and less capable of cutting through, businesses have an opportunity to reach customers with the simplicity and urgency of texting.

AT&T Landline Texting can improve communications in most businesses with customer facing roles.

Customer use cases

Improve customer service
Example: The service department of a car dealership experiences high call volume and is missing calls. Calling customers back is not only time consuming but risks a further round of phone tag.

With AT&T Landline Texting, many of the service department’s customers prefer to text their inquiry, allowing the service department to send a quick response; or to just click on the phone number in the text when circumstances require a conversation.

Consider Landline Texting when setting appointments for sales or service or for sending reminders. Customers like getting a text and you will love not being tied up on the phone.


A staffing agency needs to match hiring managers with temp staff quickly and efficiently. The process of contacting candidates for jobs can involve time consuming voice calls and voicemails. AT&T Landline Texting enables the agency to text their talent pool and receive prompt responses. Recruiters like the immediacy of text messaging and appreciate not having to divulge their personal mobile number to receive a text.

Consider using Landline Texting when you have a talent pool, employees or volunteers and want to communicate with the team.

Consider Landline Texting


A mobile user sends a text to your landline number


A mobile user sends a text to your landline number

Read your messages using a web browser or an app


Read your messages using a web browser or an app

Respond to the text or create a new message


Respond to the text or create a new message


Potential Benefits

  • Communicate with customers the way they prefer
  • Communicate simply and more efficiently than via voice or email
  • Get more mileage out of your business number
  • Don’t miss customers who are already texting you


  • Low cost, efficient, and responsive text communication with your customers or team
  • Customers text the number they already know–YOUR business number
  • Receive texts to your landline or toll-free number via a browser, desktop, or mobile app
  • Productivity tools to make communication easier and more efficient
Potential benefits and features

Supported features

Browser or app access
The service can be accessed using a browser, desktop apps, and mobile apps. Desktop apps are supported for Windows and Apple. Mobile apps are supported for Android and iOS based tablets and smartphones.

Customizable signature
A short, personal message can be added to each outbound text message. Auto reply an automated text message can be sent to anyone who texts into an account. The auto reply feature can be set for specified hours of the day/day of the week.

Scheduled texting
A text message can be set to send to one recipient, multiple recipients, or a group at a specific date and time.

Group texting
A named group of up to 50 contacts can be created. Text messages sent to named groups will go out as a blind carbon copy. Recipients will not be able to see what other recipients received or replied to the message.

Users can choose a specific word for customers to text to their business number. Once someone texts in the keyword, they will receive an automated response with a link, call-to-action, specific information, etc.

Additional users
Additional users may be added to the premium package. This is ideal where you have a small to medium sized team managing customer or team communications. Individual logons allow the tagging of each message with the name of the team member managing the inquiry, which provides visibility and accountability.


Solution & pricing chart

  Basic Standard Premium
Price+ $10/month $25/month $100/month
Included messages Unlimited texts Unlimited texts/MMS Unlimited texts/MMS
Included users 1 1 1 (Optional Addl Users*)
Text enabled lines 1 1 1
Access to web, desktop, phone, tablet apps Y Y Y
Contact import Y Y Y
Customizable signature   Y Y
Auto reply messages   1 Unlimited
Scheduled texting   Y Y
Group texting   Y Y
Keywords     5
Collaboration tools     Y
Inbound forward     Y

Optional charges

*Premium allows Additional Users to be added to the service at $25/user/month. Additional Users cannot be added to Basic or Standard packages.

AT&T Landline Texting is offered subject to the terms and conditions of the Service Guide at

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