AT&T Business Messaging

Mass text messaging and notification solution for workgroups and collaboration

AT&T Business Group Messaging: quick, convenient business communications.

AT&T Business Messaging provides organizations the ability to reliably and effectively deliver notifications, alerts, and critical communications to mobile workers via text messaging.

With AT&T Business Messaging, you can:

  • Use the Business Messenger Apps for both Android and iOS handsets and tablets
  • Send notifications to individuals and groups as large as 20,000
  • Encourage quick open and response rates
  • Send longer messages (up to 1,000 characters) than traditional SMS allows
  • Enhance communication with delivery confirmations
  • Use any device capable of receiving text messages with any U.S. Carrier
  • Send attachments including photos and videos from your device
  • Send secure messages to individuals and groups

Simple functionality. Powerful features.

Business Messaging gives you the reliable performance you need to reach your team instantaneously.

  • Integrate Business Messaging easily with most Business Notification applications using Messaging protocols for internet, email and dial-up
  • Customize rapid-response prompts
  • Use Spam filter protections
  • Use SSL access via WCTP (128-bit encryption)
  • 24/7 technical support

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AT&T Business Messaging can enhance mobile communications within virtually any enterprise, but it has distinct advantages for the following use cases:

Field service

As an SMS-based mass texting technology, Business Messaging can provide quicker open and response rates than phone calls or emails. It’s ideal for workers who need to quickly address customer issues and relay messages.


Business Messaging provides fast, responsive two-way communication. It can be particularly useful for helping mobile workers and dispatchers adapt to changes in scheduled deliveries or operations.

Business continuity

Text messaging is often the last mobile service to fail in areas of poor reception or network congestion, making it an ideal backup option during emergencies. With the ability to reach any SMS-compatible AT&T device, Business Messaging can help employees exchange information with the office.

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Use Business Messaging with existing applications.

When it comes to implementing Business Messaging for mass texting, you have two options: access it via AT&T’s web-based Business Notification Center—or combine it with applications your organization already uses. Messaging protocols (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP and TAP) allow for easy integration with most enterprise messaging applications. For example, you can use SMTP to send emails that appear as text messages on employee devices.

Enjoy a user-friendly setup process.

Business Messaging is easy to set up and use:

  1. Provision AT&T Business Messaging on employee devices.
  2. Log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center or point your application to one of the Business Messaging addresses listed in the Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. For users who want to use the Business Messaging app on Android or iPhone, download from your app store.
  4. Type a message, select recipients and press send. The Business Messaging gateway quickly validates recipients and securely delivers the message to AT&T mobile devices.


Business Messaging offers two options: a bulk pricing plan for groups of users or individual plans for each AT&T phone number. For more information, see the Business Messaging Product Brief.

Please review these Videos:

- How to send and receive messages

- How to add and search for Contacts and Groups

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