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Retain, search, review, and produce business mobile text messages

Employees are now using mobile phones for business communications just as much, if not more than, their desk phones. At the same time, organizations in regulated industries (e.g. financial services and government agencies) must have processes in place to meet electronic communications content retention, supervision, and production requirements to meet compliance requirements and satisfy records requests in a timely manner that extend into their mobile environment.

Many of those organizations have already transitioned key business processes to leverage the productivity benefits of text messaging (e.g., responding to clients or communicating with other employees when an immediate response is needed) and are now facing the related compliance and records production challenges for this increasingly popular form of electronic communication.

The Archiving Platform from Smarsh® can help you meet these challenges for electronic communications and respond effectively should you need to produce specific messages (e.g. as part of a regulatory audit, to satisfy a public records request, in conjunction with a legal matter, etc.). It enables you to actively manage, archive, audit, supervise, and review your business use of text messaging.

Network-based solution

This solution automatically captures text messages and retains them in a “search-ready” state to help meet regulatory compliance needs. All text messages sent from or terminating to a subscribed corporate mobile phone are temporarily stored by the network and then automatically forwarded to the Archiving Platform from Smarsh, where they are ingested, indexed, and retained, enabling on-demand retrieval when needed and pro-active message review capabilities. The solution currently supports AT&T and Verizon corporate mobile phones, with additional US carriers planned for 2H 2017.

Network-based solution

No changes to user behavior

Gaining user acceptance for any new solution can be a challenge. In fact, recording applications that reside on a device are more likely to be bypassed if they require users to make extra logins that could interrupt calls or disrupt their normal, familiar workflow with additional tasks.

With the Archiving Platform from Smarsh mobile message archiving solution:

  • Corporate or agency device users send and receive messages in the usual way, using their own mobile phone number, and the covered wireless network
  • Automated storage, retention rules, and policy-driven processes require minimal user intervention
  • Message capture, storage, and forwarding takes place within the carrier network and helps avoid re-routing and connection time delays that can frustrate users and customers
Helps you meet compliance requirements, respond to records requests, etc.

Helps you meet compliance requirements, respond to records requests, etc.

The truth is, you can’t always depend upon your personnel to conduct business in a way that fully aligns with your policies for text messaging. For example, if an archiving application resides on users’ devices, they may either forget to turn the function on, or they may opt to turn it off, possibly violating your organization’s policies and applicable records retention and production requirements.

To implement a program that helps you comply with regulations or requirements that require the capture, storage, and timely retrieval of messages, this solution:

  • Automatically captures originating and terminating SMS and MMS messages for provisioned users who are on the networks of AT&T and other participating carriers
  • Allows you, and not the corporate device user, to maintain control over what is captured
  • Sends message files and related metadata to your instance of the Archiving Platform from Smarsh
  • Allows you to supervise the content of messages as they are ingested and indexed in the Smarsh platform
  • Enables you to centralize archiving of stored text message data to quickly retrieve, select, and produce messages when needed
  • Complements the AT&T Mobile Call Recording (MCR) solution

Depend on enterprise-class services

Why rely on a device, application, or users for message storage? With AT&T and the Archiving Platform from Smarsh, we can help you extend and expand message archiving services to employees across your enterprise.

From the built-in wireless connections that enable message storage, to the highly secure and reliable technology infrastructure that support them, AT&T can be your single provider for enterprise-class mobile message storage services you can depend on.

Smarsh archiving features and benefits

Archiving features:

Message capturing

  • Automatically captures text messages and attachments on provisioned subscribed corporate or agency mobile phones
  • Messages are captured and retained even when roaming

Indexing and user-centric design

  • Messages are indexed and stored in a “search-ready” state in the Smarsh platform where they can be quickly and easily produced when needed
  • User-centric UX and UI design

Lightning-fast search

  • The Smarsh platform supports universal, saved, and proximity searches across people, dates, files, and message content

Advanced admin and reporting

  • Use features built for enterprises to manage users, identifiers and profiles, groups, roles, and enhanced security

Also available from Smarsh:

Effective policy engine

Purpose-built for automated message classification and integrations with advanced supervision and discovery workflows. The policy engine will route messages to specifically defined queues based on the nature of the potential policy violation.

Available add-on modules

Add specialized supervision and discovery workflows to extend the capabilities of the archiving platform to meet advanced compliance driven message review requirements and to leverage archived data for legal purposes with extended case management and faceted search functionality.

Potential benefits

  • An enterprise-class text message archiving solution
  • Quick and simple activation: network-based service and device agnostic with no need to install or manage mobile applications
  • Helps meet requirements where retention, review, and timely production of text messages is required
  • No change in subscriber behavior needed for message archiving: no mobile app installation
  • Authorized users automatically have their messages archived with retention parameters set by the enterprise
  • Helps implement internal organization compliance policies regarding use of mobile communications in the workplace with options for active supervision and review of messages
  • Archiving of additional digital message types such as email, IM, web, and social media is available from Smarsh
Potential benefits

How it works

The company admin provides consent to use the service and AT&T enables the solution to be applied on the selected AT&T corporate mobile phones. Then all corporate text messages that originate from or terminate to these phones are automatically stored on the AT&T Mobility network before being forwarded to the Smarsh platform, where they are retained in a “search-ready” state alongside all other archived electronic communications (e.g. email, social media, web, IM, etc.). Similarly, the other participating US carriers enable archiving on their respective networks. The Archiving Platform from Smarsh then aggregates all messages on a single corporate web portal view, enabling a multi-carrier solution.


  • $8 per device per month
  • No upfront costs
  • Same price for all covered users
  • No storage limit
How it works diagram

The Archiving Platform from Smarsh at work



Complies with industry specific regulations



Locate and verify communications with key stakeholders



Monitor and document performance areas for improvement



Use archived messages to guide, best practice interactions



Enable personnel to take full advantage of mobile communications outside the confines of the office, while still maintaining proper governance and retention of the content they send and receive to meet regulatory or records management requirements



Get to the bottom of complaints or flagged potential compliance violations with a complete record of messages to help resolve issues more quickly and create a documented audit trail of discussions about disputes and the remedial actions taken by your organization to address noncompliant/out of policy text message usage and content

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