Be productive virtually anywhere with cloud-based remote access from your mobile devices.

What is AccessMyLAN?

AccessMyLAN provides your employees with highly secure remote access to your business network while controlling costs, adding security, and enhancing productivity. 1

Help employees connect to the office from virtually any location, while you set policies to help control access to websites, apps, and more. Notifications and reports on data usage make it simple to get the most out of your data plans. Plus, you can add or remove users at any time as business needs change.

AccessMyLAN can help save you time and money in a variety of ways:

  • No separate contract term
  • No additional setup or hardware and software costs
  • No extra support or maintenance costs
  • Helps increase productivity

1 Available only to customers with a qualified AT&T business agreement ("Business Agreement") and their respective Corporate Responsible Users (CRUs). May not be available for purchase in all sales channels or in all areas. Eligible wireless data plan and compatible device required for each CRU. Additional hardware, software, services and/or network connection may also be required, including without limitation, Internet connection at customer's site and Windows computer/server that must stay on and be connected to customer's local area network. Coverage is not available in all areas. Availability, security, speed, timeliness, accuracy and reliability of service are not guaranteed by AT&T. Subject to the applicable Business Agreement. Additional charges, third party terms and other terms and restrictions apply. See AccessMyLAN Product Brief found at for details. Offer subject to change and/or discontinuation without notice.

Struggling with productivity, technology, or operations challenges? AccessMyLAN is the solution for you.


Who doesn't want more productive employees? With AccessMyLAN, employees can work virtually anywhere. Reduce wasted time traveling into the office to update files and systems. And you control which applications and websites employees can access.


Take advantage of the latest mobile access technology. AccessMyLAN can replace the expensive hardware and software systems usually needed for a virtual private network (VPN). All for a lower cost than traditional VPN.

Security features

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that AccessMyLAN helps keep your devices and data highly secure. You can:

  • Pinpoint where a mobile device is with the "locate" feature
  • Remotely block use of a device with the "lock" feature
  • Delete all important data with the "wipe" feature

AccessMyLAN is a cloud-based virtual private network (VPN) that can replace more complex systems.

Helps control costs

You're in control. Set up rules that determine which websites or applications employees can access and how much data they can use. Reports and notifications alert you when devices or groups reach preset limits so you can control data access and turn off non Wi-Fi data use.

Helps gain efficiency

Help employees work more effectively. AccessMyLAN gives them access to documents and systems on your business network from their mobile devices. Choose from 25 categories of websites and applications your employees can access.

Enhances security

You can protect your network by locating, locking, or wiping a device remotely if it's lost or stolen. You can also block access to malicious websites while providing highly secure access to office-based systems.

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  • Mobile management puts you in control.
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