AT&T MetroCell

Boost Your In-building Mobility Coverage

Boost your in-building mobility coverage

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The connected workplace

Employees, customers, and visitors expect to be able to use their wireless devices wherever they go. Building materials, geography, and structures may impede the cellular network signal within your workplace interfering with your ability to ensure employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Employees need to complete business critical functions without worrying about missed or dropped business calls or interrupted data downloads.

What is AT&T MetroCell

Now you can respond to the needs of customers and associates using an AT&T MetroCell to boost coverage for AT&T devices up to “5 bars” in areas where you have “dead zones” or indoor coverage holes. The AT&T MetroCell 9962 is a low power, small cell tower and base station that extends AT&T coverage within your building. It provides the needed scale, network handoff and ease of installation for nearly foolproof setup, by connecting it to the mobility core network via a secure Internet Protocol tunnel through any type of broadband internet access. All you’ll need is an available Ethernet port on a router or switch with sufficient available bandwidth to support the traffic that will be carried over the AT&T MetroCell.

Simplicity and control

We make it simple

The AT&T MetroCell 9962 measures 14”H x 13”W x 4.25”D and weighs only 10.8 lbs. Installation is as easy as:

  • Unpacking and inspecting your AT&T MetroCell kit
  • Mounting and installing the device
  • Confirming your transport settings per the technical guide
  • Connecting power and Ethernet cables
  • Activating and testing

Don’t worry, AT&T will also provide telephone support for any of your installation or usage questions, and on-site installation is available upon request at an additional cost.

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You have the control

You can manage your AT&T MetroCell online. Log into the website and instantly have access to:

  • Activate and deactivate your AT&T MetroCell device.
  • Manage basic functions of the MetroCell.
  • View monthly performance reports.
  • Move the MetroCell to a new business location
  • View product information, troubleshooting tips, and product manuals.
  • View and update business contact information
  • Receive alarm notifications by email when the device is offline

Users can also manage the public or private access of their AT&T MetroCell via an “open” or “closed” mode. When the AT&T MetroCell mode is set to “open,” everyone with an AT&T device can connect to the AT&T MetroCell and benefit from the improved in-building coverage. When set to “closed,” only an approved list of AT&T subscribers can access your AT&T MetroCell, helping you better manage security and bandwidth.

Benefits and features

Potential benefits

  • Increase your employees' ability to be productive
  • Improve the wireless experience for your customers and visitors
  • Easy to self-install
  • Security you control by managing who accesses your MetroCell
  • Cost efficient
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  • Each MetroCell is a small base station radiating AT&T spectrum.
  • Uses an Ethernet connection to the IP network for data transport
  • Operates either in open mode, or in closed mode with an approved user list
  • Each MetroCell:
    - Serves up to 96 simultaneous sessions (32 3G/HSPA+, 64LTE)1
    - Covers up to 15,000 sq. ft.2
  • Add up to 3 total MetroCell devices per physical address to
    - Serve up to 288 simultaneous sessions (96 3G/HSPA+, 192 LTE)1
    - Cover up to 45,000 sq. ft.2

1Subject to available bandwidth

2Subject to any obstructions or interference present


AT&T MetroCell Kit

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Optional Installation

(Non-recurring charge per single trip)


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