AT&T Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch

AT&T Enhanced PTT Dispatch

PTT Integrated Dispatch

Take the next step in mobile productivity with a powerful dispatch tool that works seamlessly with Enhanced PTT

Integrated Dispatch provides customers with a powerful Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution integrated with the Enhanced PTT real-time group communications solution.

Managing your mobile users is easier than ever with the capability to see the location and PTT availability status of your group in near real-time. Using Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch, administrator scan view all of their Enhanced PTT users on a map, send and receive individual or group calls, and more – all from the convenience of a PC desktop environment.

It provides Enhanced PTT calling, Location, and Alerts as well as presence through an intuitive user interface. Integrated Dispatch allows a dispatcher to operate from a centralized corporate facility and manage the activities for a set of mobile Enhanced PTT users (also called fleet members) working in the field.

EPTT Integrated Dispatch
AT&T Integrated Dispatch

This enables an organization to effectively manage day to day dispatch operations and rapidly respond to incidents, urgent situations, customer requests, facility events, and other situations that require quick actions.

Dispatchers and their fleet members are set up through the same easy-to-use Corporate Admin Tool that is used for centralized contacts and groups administration. Getting started with Integrated Dispatch is as simple as downloading and installing the Windows PC Integrated Dispatch application on an Internet-connected PC.

Best of all, Integrated Dispatch is a compelling real-time workforce management and communications solution that is designed to be easy to adopt and highly economical. Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch is extremely competitively priced, making it easy for users to take the next step in optimizing their mobile workforce productivity


Key Features

Contacts and Groups

Contacts are also referred to as fleet members. You can establish a one-to-one call or send/receive Instant Personal Alert (IPA) to a contact. A dispatch group allows one-to-many calls from you to fleet members. Contacts and Groups are managed by the Corporate Administrator Tool (CAT) administrator.

Enhanced PTT Calling

Enables you to start or end push-to-talk (PTT) calls, record a conversation, and see the talker identity. The Integrated Dispatch shows call activities during the call.

Monitored Groups

Allows you to monitor up to sixteen active groups, join an existing active group call or initiate a new group call, also locate all group members.

Location On Demand

Allows users to obtain the most current location information of selected fleet member(s) on a Manual One-Time or Periodic Basis.


  • Manual and Periodic features location refresh updates are limited to 100 fleet members in a given instance.
  • Not all EPTT Devices are supported; Location On Demand Features require Fleet Members to have a compatible device and EPTT Client. Consult your AT&T Sales Representative for details.
  • Increasing frequency location updates will impact battery consumption for Fleet Members devices.


Provides information about your recent activity on the Integrated Dispatch including alerts, PTT calls, and audio recordings of recorded calls.


Allows you to view Instant Personal Alerts (also known as IPA or call me alerts) and missed call alerts sent to the dispatcher by the fleet members and take action.


Provides visual location information of the fleet members in the field and also provides an option to allow you to make PTT calls or send alerts to those fleet members, directly from the map.


Availability of fleet members is displayed in Integrated Dispatch as “presence.” Also the presence of the dispatcher is displayed to fleet members who have dispatcher as a contact. Presence status can be “Available,” “Do Not Disturb,” or “Offline.”

Panel Undocking

Allows you to separate a section of the Integrated Dispatch for larger viewing or displaying on a different display monitor.

Talk group Scanning

The Integrated Dispatch provides “scanning” functionality, which allows one of eight scanned groups call to “barge in” whenever the call starts based on priority settings. That means the call is auto answered and you do not have to explicitly join the call to hear it. This is helpful when you want to join the conversation on a specific group immediately after it starts based on the priorities you assigned in Integrated Dispatch.

Broadcast Calling

Allows a designated broadcaster to make a one-way call to an entire group of fleet members at one time.


EPTT Pricing

Pricing and Availability

Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch is available to users of Enhanced PTT on corporate accounts. Pricing is only $30 per month per dispatcher – there are no additional charges per fleet user.* Integrated Dispatch features and compatibility may vary by device – contact your AT&T representative for more information.

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