Integrated dispatch console

Coordinate your field team from a desktop or laptop

Manage your field workforce more efficiently, optimize your assets, and help the team be ready for whatever the job demands. All from the convenience of a desktop or laptop, featuring your dispatch console integrated with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk.


The integrated dispatch console helps you contact, track, dispatch, and supervise teams from your desktop or laptop. You can:

  • Monitor multiple user groups and improve your efficiency and productivity.
  • Communicate consistently and instantly with the field in a one-to-many environment.
  • Boost workflow intelligence and agility through maps, alerts, and logs.
  • Keep calls and dispatches on track, and redirect during emergencies.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and improve your company’s compliance, tracking, and policy management.

Why AT&T

The advanced AT&T network provides the foundation for each service and solution you need. And we put everything together for you, integrating solutions to help you seamlessly connect, enhance efficiency, and optimize assets.

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