Get the right information to the right people with Fleet Management

Find new opportunities to manage labor and fuel costs, maximize scheduling and dispatch, improve fleet maintenance procedures, and increase response times and customer satisfaction.

Whether you operate a commercial fleet, government fleet, or an over-the-road trucking fleet, our Fleet Management solutions provide the vehicle, asset tracking, and advanced monitoring tools your organization needs to send the information where it needs to go, so your mobile fleet can be more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused.

Move your fleet forward

With Fleet Management solutions, you can:

  • Streamline dispatch with real-time GPS routing
  • Better manage fuel and maintenance costs by monitoring driver behavior
  • Respond to customer needs faster and more accurately
  • Monitor the location and status of valuable equipment
  • Remotely manage tasks of workers in the field

You can manage virtually any type of fleet scenario with our solutions:

  • General commercial fleets
  • Mixed fleets
  • Government fleets
  • Over-the-road trucking

Increase efficiency with ease

Simplify operations with an intuitive, cloud-based platform. Designed with the user in mind, Fleet Management solutions from AT&T are easy to deploy and simple to manage via an online portal on virtually any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Strengthen operations with the experience and reliability of AT&T

Move your fleet forward with confidence. Our fleet solutions combine the strength of our wireless LTE network with intuitive, web-based tools—so you can keep your fleet on the leading edge of efficiency and reliability.

All-in-one fleet, asset, and mobile-worker tracking and management solution for the trucking industry

Help control labor and fuel with AT&T Fleet Management

Labor and fuel are often a fleet's biggest expenses. We provide ways that can help you control both. Intelligent dispatching optimizes routes so you can save time, labor, and fuel costs—and can help your drivers stay HOS-compliant. Remote monitoring pinpoints problems so you can avoid unnecessary repairs, fuel expenses, and fines.

Control labor and fuel with fleet management

Maximize scheduling and dispatch

Paperwork and manual administrative processes can drain valuable time and money. Our mobile fleet solutions allow dispatchers to send delivery schedules and manifests directly to a driver’s mobile device. Drivers can collect job data on-site, document proof of delivery, and even submit timecard information, quickly, and in a highly secure manner.

Wirelessly track, monitor, and enable your fleet

Efficient fleet maintenance

Fleet efficiency requires a smart maintenance strategy. Real-time wireless data and automatic reporting of vehicle status can help identify when to schedule routine maintenance—and when to avoid expensive repairs. GPS-enabled location-based services and remote shut-off also can help avoid unnecessary fuel, insurance, and liability costs.

Wirelessly track, monitor, and enable your fleet

Improve customer response times

Meeting customer expectations is key to long-term success. AT&T Fleet Management solutions provide the tools you need to improve response times and customer satisfaction. Automated dispatch and real-time location tracking improve fleet performance while helping you to give your customers narrower, more reliable estimates for deliveries and service times.

Improve customer response times with AT&T Fleet Management

Key features

Vehicle tracking:

  • Vehicle status information with travel direction and ignition status
  • Locate your closest assets
  • View trip replays and breadcrumb trails

Rules and alerts:

  • Status and condition of monitoring hardware
  • Driver behavior management like first ignition, harsh braking, cornering, idle, late departure, outside work hours, usage, racing, and rapid acceleration
  • Vehicle status like distance, GPS condition, and humidity
  • Rules that leverage unique combinations set by you


  • Driver behavior reports for activity, congregation, curfew, distance, event, idle or stop, last position, current position, speeding, work schedule, and more
  • Operational reports for fleet performance, maintenance, messages, usage, time card, and more

Dispatch and order management:

  • Electronic order entry
  • Dispatch options including dispatch to mobile devices, dispatching directly from the map, and dispatching the closest available vehicle
  • Job status tracking with barcode scan, proof of delivery, task completion, and signature capture

Billing and settlements:

  • Customer account management
  • Invoicing options like rate charts, fuel cost matrices, billable rates, and customer invoicing
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I.C.E. heating and cooling keeps its business rolling with mobile solutions

I.C.E.'s technicians get an early start each day, but it's the company's use of a suite of mobility solutions that helps them provide top-notch customer service. Not only were they able to cut the service delivery window in half, but they can fit in an extra service call each day while cutting fuel costs by five percent.

Wirelessly track, monitor, and enable your fleet

The fleet management solution you choose today, will significantly impact the success of your business tomorrow.

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How many ways would that transform your business?

Get real results from real-time information

Here is just an idea of what you can accomplish when you capture location-based information through AT&T Fleet Management solutions.

  • Help stay compliant with CSA and hours-of-service regulations. Electronic monitoring can improve fatigue management and help keep drivers within allowable hours of service.
  • Cut fuel consumption and costs. Reducing idling time by just one hour a day per truck could save a fleet of 20 trucks more than $25,000 a year.*
  • Promote driver safety. Monitored drivers are safer drivers.
  • Avoid fines. Depending on locality, fines for excessive idling can range from $150 to $25,000. Now you can optimize routes and encourage the good practices that minimize idling and the risk of penalties.
  • Eliminate paper processes. Automated logs, timesheets, and other paperwork can save drivers 15 to 30 minutes per day, which adds up to big savings per year in driver productivity.
  • Get more done at less labor cost. Improve efficiency enough to reduce overtime and trim overall payroll expenses.

*Assumes one gallon of diesel fuel consumed per hour when idling, $3.50 per gallon, and 7-day workweek.

See how to manage mixed fleet operations with AT&T Fleet Management solutions.

AT&T Fleet Manager provides vehicle and asset tracking loaded with advanced monitoring tools to help get the right information to the right people—so your fleet can be more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused.

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Choosing a location-based application for your business

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