More than just the opportunity to pay cash for energy services, customers also want to pay when they want, how they want, and where they want. Prepaid Billing is an AT&T Smart Cities solution that offers utility companies and their customers flexible payment options for energy services.

With Prepaid Billing, utilities can drive higher customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and lower utility operating costs. Pay-as-you-go solutions also help customers manage their energy spend and usage of electricity, natural gas, or water.

Benefits of Prepaid Billing

Utility company

  • Lower customer care and other operating costs
  • Reduce debts and write-offs
  • Cost of meter removal can be eliminated
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Service differentiation

Utility customers

  • Payment location convenience and flexibility for customers
  • More control over energy consumption and management
  • Freedom to pay anytime, anywhere from mobile devices, Web, or IVRs

Solution diagram

Our Prepaid Billing solution leverages a smart grid infrastructure and includes four major components:

  1. Scalable, hosted Prepaid Billing application
  2. Smart grid meter with disconnect switch
  3. Payment interfaces: mobile device, Web portal, IVR, kiosk, walk-up centers
  4. Prepaid and post-pay payment settlement processing

Prepaid Billing is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that expands the offerings you can provide to customers. With this solution, you can offer pre- and post-pay as well as gain access to a variety of important features:

  • Mobile payment options for Web-enabled and smart phones
  • Text messaging capabilities:
    • 2-way opt-in capability
    • Pay bills via text messages
    • Service notifications
  • Customer management and service portal
  • Cost-effective

    Prepaid Billing is a cost-effective solution. Hosted in the cloud, it lowers the burden and cost of centralized servers. Even more, it eliminates the burden of “polling” all meters daily specifically to accomplish a prepay read.

  • Single payment source

    To simplify billing, choose a single utility payment processor that can process prepaid and traditional post-pay services. AT&T offers flexible payment processing that reduces your interfaces and headaches.

  • Seamless

    Lower your operating costs and get revenues to the bottom line faster. AT&T is a payment processor and a developer of cloud applications. Because of this experience, we understand what it means to link together the appropriate payment vehicles for Prepaid Billing. We’re here to help.

Prepay pricing models are easy for utilities and their customers. Ask us about them by completing this information form.

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