An IoT network that reaches new heights

We harness space-age technology to keep you connected and provide you with near-real time data. The coverage and speed of satellite gives you greater control of your assets, no matter how distant. You'll know more about your tracking and be more efficient. This is the IoT solution that can help boost your bottom line.

Industry-specific cases


Shipping companies use the Satellite dual-mode solution to track inventory across the ocean and over land. Dual-mode switches back and forth between wireless and satellite to help optimize cost efficiency and reduce gaps in data and IoT connectivity.

Shipping companies use satellite dual-mode


Agricultural companies can boost rural coverage in a big way. Satellite backhaul can be your connection for precision farming by providing near-real time data of your equipment.

Satellite backhaul enables precision farming

Oil and gas

Energy companies manage equipment and machines in remote places. To connect it all, they can choose the satellite-only solution. With enough bandwidth for large data files and video, distant teams and machinery can feel like they’re local.

Satellite connectivity provides bandwidth to distant teams and machinery

Satellite dual-mode

  • Fills gaps in wireless coverage
  • Enhances transport efficiency

Satellite only

  • Manages high-bandwidth demands in mobile and fixed remote locations
  • An easy-to-deploy, SIM card-based solution
  • Usage-based pricing model possible for greater cost efficiency

Satellite backhaul

  • Manages data going to and from remote locations
  • Supports high-speed networks
  • Works with remote wireless networks to provide voice, message, and data

The right solution for you

We'll work with you to help you choose the best solution with the right equipment and the right plan for your business. And we'll be there to help you plan and put it in place.

Satellite helps make your business better

  • Stay connected in challenging terrains, locations, or environments
  • Help reduce missing inventory
  • Save on fuel and redundant work flow
  • Spend less time with no or low connectivity

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