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Are you looking to expand your Internet of Things solutions and need to connect devices in a highly secure, cost-effective, and reliable way? Utilize the LTE-M network, designed and optimized for IoT.

IoT wireless networks are evolving to help meet the needs of a wide variety of connected devices and services—from wearables, automotive, and residential to street lighting, utility meters, industrial automation devices, and so much more. When making decisions on IoT system architectures, you want coverage (including good penetration in buildings and underground), long battery life, and lower costs. You also need a reliable and scalable network that offers nationwide coverage and carrier-grade security.

Now, with LTE-M, you can get the highly secure benefits of cellular with optimized features designed specifically for IoT industries and applications.

LTE-M (also referred to as LTE Cat-M1) is a low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology deployed by AT&T to support today’s IoT devices, even in the most challenging environments. It is highly secure, has features that can lower power consumption to extend battery life, enhances coverage to connect hard-to-reach devices, simple and easy alternative to Wi-Fi, and comes at a lower cost than standard LTE. It is the first network on a dedicated spectrum that is optimized for IoT.

Customer use cases

AT&T LTE-M Button

Create simple IoT solutions without having to worry about Wi-Fi availability or deployment hassles. The AT&T LTE-M Button is easy to set up and deploy across the AT&T nationwide LTE-M network to AWS IoT 1-Click, including AWS Lambda, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon SNS, and many other Amazon web services.

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AT&T LTE-M Button

Consumer goods

Due to PCI compliance, many retailers are concerned about letting vendors use their Wi-Fi, while most consumer good companies are trying to gain deeper insights to the quality and quantity of their products in retail locations. LTE-M network-enabled devices allow retailers to bypass the local Wi-Fi without perpetual concerns about battery power. LTE-M addresses the concerns of coverage and costs while providing a stable and highly secure network. For example, consumer good companies now have the ability to employ a range of sensors at locations that use low-cost, low-power LTE-M connections to monitor everything from physical inventory, temperature of the product to enable an optimal customer experience when purchasing goods.

Consumer goods

Asset management

LTE-M is designed to support a massive number of devices. Research shows that the number of connected devices will increase 4.5x to over 27 billion by 2025.* Lower cost modules enable enterprises in the asset management vertical to connect even more devices. LTE-M will eventually allow for tower handoff, giving it the same strong mobility characteristics found in traditional cellular, which is extremely helpful for customers who want to track movement over local or wide areas. LTE-M opens exciting possibilities in tracking and asset monitoring from shipping containers to fleet vehicles, and even in locating valuable assets, children, or pets.

*Machina Research, August 3, 2016

Asset management


Healthcare providers and companies are connecting remote people and devices more than ever before. Challenges arise around stringent HIPPA data security requirements and wireless coverage availability. At home medical devices also need to be simple to use and powered. The LTE-M network enables devices to connect over cellular, eliminating the need for local Wi-Fi connectivity. Hospitals, clinics, and at-home patient monitoring now have the ability to deploy a range of sensors with low-cost, low-power LTE-M connections to monitor patients and physical inventory. The AT&T LTE-M network enables a near ideal experience when providing care to patients.


LTE-M is ideal for IoT solutions looking to extend battery life, reduce costs or cover hard to reach devices

Lower cost

Lower cost

Extend battery life

Extend battery life

Enhanced coverage

Enhanced coverage

Features and specifications

Product features

  • Mobile operator managed network based on 3GPP standards
  • Superior performance and carrier-grade security
  • Licensed spectrum eliminates the potential for signal interference
  • Power saving mode and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) to enable longer battery life (up to 10+ years)
  • Coverage enhancement (CE) to achieve coverage in challenging environments such as underground and deep inside buildings
  • Economical module cost as low as $7.50 each including SIM card, available through the IoT Accelerator program*

*AT&T wireless service required. Plus applicable taxes and fees. Requires purchase of module from AT&T's supplier. AT&T's supplier does not charge additional fees for intellectual property rights.

Technical specifications

  • Communication cellular (LTE)
  • Any AT&T LTE-M certified modules are eligible for use on the network
  • Peak throughput: 384kbps
  • LTE bands: 2, 4, and 12
  • Channel bandwidth: 1.4MHz
  • UE transmit power: 20dBm and 23dBm allowed
  • Features: power saving mode available now
  • Coming soon: eDRX and coverage enhancement (CE)
  • Visit the AT&T IoT certified device catalog

“Innovations like LTE-M will bring IoT to more end points than ever before. It’s part of our strategy to offer the widest range of IoT network options to our customers.

—Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things solutions, AT&T

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