One global SIM for the Internet of Things

Deploy and control connected devices easily and quickly using a single, global SIM that automatically and remotely connects to the network.

Global SIM enables ordering and provisioning in multiple countries through a single flexible platform that can dynamically adapt to a changing business environment.

Global SIM eases provisioning

Provision thousands of devices worldwide

Provisioning hundreds or thousands of devices worldwide for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine is a complicated task. Global SIM connectivity helps make that easy. In a single solution, you gain:

  • Reliable global network connectivity, based on the global GSM standard for high-speed wireless delivery and global roaming into 200+ countries and territories
  • Single global SIM for provisioning worldwide
  • Standard interface for deploying and connecting mobile assets in more than 200 countries
  • Easy, cost-effective M2M device management with integrated SIM provisioning, billing, and reporting tools
  • Ease of expansion and scaling
  • Relationship with a single global carrier with connectivity to over 500 carrier networks
  • Access to experts in network connectivity, mobile applications, device certifications, and enterprise technical support

Rely on our unparalleled global network

  • Advanced and powerful global network, carrying 100 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day
  • Reliable and far-reaching wireless network serving millions of customers and supporting the most phones that work in the most countries
    • Voice coverage in 225+ countries and territories
    • Data roaming in more than 210 countries and territories
    • 3G in 175+ countries
    • LTE in the U.S. and expanding globally
One SIM with global provisioning and unified billing

Single interface for global device provisioning, billing, and management

Global SIM is used together with Control Center to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected device deployments worldwide, with minimal effort. Capabilities include:

  • Designed and built for long service life in the field
  • 24/7 single point of contact for billing, provisioning, and service
  • Intuitive, Web-based GUI for instant self-service capabilities
  • Real-time diagnostics and reporting
  • Access to extensive well-documented REST APIs for seamless platform extension from third-party back-office systems
AT&T Global SIM operations framework

One simple global contract for voice, SMS, and data

Reduce overhead and better manage expenses with a single AT&T contract. Benefit from:

  • Favorable pricing across over 500 operators in 200+ countries and territories based on our global relationships
  • Existing relationships support for use of local communications infrastructure for roaming
  • Manage your SIM state from inactive, to provisioned, to active
AT&T Global SIM offers one contract with unified billing

Reduce effort with software-based SIM provisioning

Avoid the costs and difficulties of manually installing, connecting, and supporting IoT and M2M devices. Our global SIM provides a streamlined means of deploying and controlling embedded communications worldwide. This includes:

  • Remote ordering, provisioning, and control of your assets
  • Expertise of our professional services, to help your organization strategize an end-to-end operational model to ensure execution and supply chain simplicity
AT&T Global SIM provisioning

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