Asset Management Operations Center

Asset Management – Operations Center

Asset management

One solution to manage and monitor all of your connected assets

Seamlessly track, monitor, and manage virtually any connected asset from a centralized user interface with the AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center. This solution simplifies your IoT implementations, provides visibility of your mobile assets on a single dashboard, and can help improve operational efficiencies.

Take control of your connected assets with a single dashboard that provides visibility, tracking, asset condition monitoring, activity management, and more.

The operations center enables multiple solutions in a single platform across all major communications protocols, providing an ubiquitous solution to your asset management needs. So now, you can confidently add new connected assets from different vendors running different protocols, and easily view and manage them on a single pane of glass.

Features and benefits

  • Data-powered insights in near real-time
  • Compatible with multiple LTE and LTE-M devices
  • Supports 3G, 4G, and satellite connectivity
  • Enables multiple types of assets on a single platform
  • Offers easy integration into a variety of applications
  • Provides end-to-end security for sensor data and asset management
  • Maximized scalability and global capability
  • Hosted on the Microsoft® Azure® cloud
  • Powered by the AT&T network

The operations center uses AT&T IoT Services Platforms and the Microsoft Azure cloud environment to deliver a next-level solution.

Features and benefits

Innovative technology

Seamlessly track, manage, and monitor cellular-connected coolers

AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center for connected coolers, combined with connectivity, provides flexibility, customization, and scalability. The coolers will be equipped with specialized hardware specifically designed with intelligent sensors to connect coolers and provide near real-time data. This end-to-end solution provides quick deployment and enables easy integration into existing systems, helping you transform your business.


  • Visibility into where your coolers are and when they're on the move
  • Improve quality control and ensure desired temperature of coolers and goods
  • Receive alerts for important events, helping ensure peak performance and efficiency of remote assets


  • Speed to market, quick deployment and implementation
  • Easy integration into variety of applications with APIs
  • Highly scalable with multi-cloud environment
  • Near real-time data powered insights
Seamlessly track, manage, and monitor cellular-connected cooler

Operations center

Multiple sensors and data points provide insights to help improve business

The operations center supports a variety of devices with sensors that include location, temperature, humidity, shock, atmospheric pressure, and light. Take your business to new heights with cost savings, time savings, operational efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Identify when an asset is on the move with GPS. Know where your assets are in near real-time and improve customer service with more accurate delivery.
  • Maintain quality and improve regulatory compliance of refrigerated goods, and ensure ideal humidity levels for food, pharmaceutical goods, and equipment cargo.
  • Help prevent tampering of goods and exposure to potentially harmful light rays for sensitive cargo.
  • Help avoid theft and improve recovery times of stolen assets.
  • Help prevent excessive movement and shock to ensure sensitive goods are delivered intact.
Asset tracking

Asset tracking
Know where your assets are in near real-time and improve customer service with accurate delivery

Asset condition monitoring

Asset condition monitoring
Improve quality control and prevent damage/spoilage of your assets

Asset activity management

Asset activity management
Remotely monitor your assets to ensure peak productivity and efficiency

Examples of industries and use cases

These are just three examples of verticals that can utilize the operation center capabilities to improve operations. The AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center enables industries of all kinds to improve asset tracking, condition monitoring, activity management, and more.

Find out what the AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center can do for your business, regardless of your industry.


High value assets
Life sciences




High value assets
Equipment & machinery

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