How it works:

IoT storage tanks infographic
  • Monitoring devices are installed on each tank
  • Tank-level measurements are sent and processed through the cloud
  • The easy-to-use management portal shows fill levels, usage, and other important tank data

Custom configurations for your mobile and static assets

Built-in tracking monitors the vital aspects of your assets:

  • Inventory
  • Capacity
  • Days to empty
IoT storage tanks configurations
Cloud hosted monitoring and tracking

Cloud-hosted monitoring and tracking

The AT&T cloud-based management portal incorporates remote monitoring and tracking to give you:

  • Access to historical data
  • Near-real time inventory and usage details
  • Clear status and alert information
  • Order builder and route optimizing tool
  • User management and subscriber notification controls
  • Map and asset views
  • Web service APIs for third-party applications

Digital tank reader

  • Reporting up to 23 times per day
  • Over-the-air (OTA) configurable reporting schedule with high- and low-level alerts
  • Status LED for operation monitoring
  • Manual transmission button
  • Expansion connector for additional sensors and radio
  • FCC/PTCRB/AT&T certified
IoT storage tanks digital tank reader

Intrinsically Safe (IS) digital tank reader

  • Rapid, average 15-minute self-installation
  • Multisignal transmission capability: SMS/GPRS/UMTS/RF
  • GPS or cellular connectivity options
  • Input for up to 3 signals
  • IP68 rated
  • FCC/PTCRB/AT&T/UL IS C1D1 certified
IoT storage tanks IS digital tank reader

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