bigtincan hub from AT&T

Transform user engagement on wireless devices

bigtincan hub from AT&T: User-friendly access to resources from virtually anywhere

Augment the productivity of your mobile workforce. bigtincan hub from AT&T is a mobile content management platform that gives users a highly secure, digital workspace enabling centralized access to documents, applications and collaboration tools on mobile devices. bigtincan hub can help your organization:

  • Deliver relevant content to end users across locations, devices and carriers
  • Enable workers to quickly access, edit and share documents
  • Efficiently manage user roles and permissions
  • Monitor and analyze user interaction with content

Empower workers with a mobile-first solution

Work and collaborate on mobile devices with confidence. bigtincan hub from AT&T offers a streamlined and fully customizable user interface that’s built for a simple and intuitive mobile interaction so on-the-go employees can fully utilize the tools and resources they need from virtually anywhere.

Productivity tools and document management functionality are built within the platform removing the need to open separate applications to make content changes. With highly secure offline access and full integration with many file sync and share solutions, bigtincan hub from AT&T offers you a distinctive, unified user experience.

intuitive and productive user experience

Deliver a simple and highly secure mobile experience

bigtincan hub packs powerful security features in a user-friendly package. It offers a range of enterprise-grade tools that can help protect and provide insight into your organization’s resources while also giving users the simplicity they need to stay productive.

Expand how you use bigtincan hub. It can be combined with other mobility solutions such as AT&T Work Platform, which allows your employees to use their personal device to conduct business. AT&T Work allows the phone to be split between personal and business use, and provides added security and management only for business activities. Your billing can be consolidated and you can have one point of contact that simplifies your mobile support.

Harness the versatility of bigtincan hub from AT&T

bigtincan hub from AT&T offers powerful features that can benefit virtually any mobile workforce. We have helped in deploying bigtincan hub in a range of environments and a variety of purposes.

Quickly connecting employees to resources

Connecting with potential customers can be difficult while on the go—especially within a limited time frame. As an example, bigtincan hub from AT&T helped a field salesforce for a global pharmaceutical company make the most of doctors’ time by providing them near-instant access to essential documents and resources offline.

Pushing content to a large fleet of devices

bigtincan hub centralizes resources in the cloud and helps keep employees equipped with the most relevant, up-to-date content. A national auto dealership used bigtincan hub to update product information on employee devices across 100+ locations simultaneously — which helped sellers engage customers on the showroom floor more effectively, and differentiate the dealership from competitors.

Optimizing mobile content

Using and sharing media-rich resources in the field can present a diversity of challenges, from network latency to difficulty rendering content. By adopting bigtincan hub’s mobile-first design, the sales staff for a large food products company was able to seamlessly share mobile content both internally and with customers.

Empower users with bigtincan hub’s intuitive interface

bigtincan hub from AT&T provides a clear, user-friendly platform that is designed to help employees engage with content—as well as with each other. With bigtincan hub, users can:

  • Seamlessly view, edit, annotate, share, and organize documents and media
  • Utilize multiple applications within a centralized interface
  • Visually navigate files, coworker notes and social feeds
  • Engage in live document-level video chat
  • Rate, subscribe and share content with peers in real-time

Enhance content management and control

bigtincan hub from AT&T makes it easier to deliver the right content to the correct user, device and location. With enhanced security features, administrators can:

  • Grant user-based access to data
  • Establish and enforce user-or group-based editing and sharing privileges
  • Remotely wipe content on device
  • Employ advanced encryption and authentication

Users can:

  • Password-protect documents
  • Set expiration dates on files and shared resources
  • Establish controls for viewing, editing and sharing capabilities within their group

Gain insight into user activity

Understand how users and groups interact with and value content. With the content intelligence capabilities of bigtincan hub, organizations will have visibility into the different ways that users interact with content to optimize the effectiveness and provide the most relevant content to the right users at the right time and location. bigtincan hub unlocks the knowledge found in expert networks, so that it can be shared and replaced across the entire organization to improve performance.

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  • bigtincan hub from AT&T
  • bigtincan hub from AT&T

    The right content is delivered to the right users at the right time and location, across enterprise content repositories and cloud-based file sync and share, with all the embedded security that an IT department requires.
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  • bigtincan Lite

    bigtincan hubTM from AT&T – Lite enables organizations to deliver the right content to the right users at the right time and location, across virtually any device and network.

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