Threat Manager for AWS

Threat Manager with AWS


Scaling your business to the cloud just became easier with AT&T and AWS

AT&T Threat Manager powered by Threat Intellect® identifies cybersecurity risks to your organization faster and more accurately than ever before.

Now integrated with AWS so you can see activities from your devices, systems and cloud-based services in AWS to help you quickly address and respond to new threats.

New offering, new benefits

24/7 Access

24/7 access

24/7 access to cybersecurity experts who handle and prioritize large volumes of threats.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration

Maintain full control of important assets and information as you integrate into the cloud.



Spend less time and money investigating and attending to false positives.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

More insightful reporting into the threats that matter with log data behind these threats.

Custom reports

Custom reports

Customized reports which can be quickly reviewed by executive level staff.

Compliance readiness

Compliance readiness

Support in working to comply with industry regulations including PCL, HIPAA and controls for the NST CFS.

Tiered solutions

With volume based pricing tiers, customers do not pay for more than what they need.

Volume based pricing is determined based on network size, number and type of devices/services monitored, and number of events per second generated across your own premises devices and cloud services.

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"Business customers rely on AT&T for proven network connectivity, cybersecurity and IoT solutions. These new enhancements provide our customers with the performance, security and connection options they need to grow their businesses on AWS."

- David Wright, general manager

Worldwide Strategic Technology Partners, Amazon Web Services Inc


Tackling the challenges of hybrid cloud environment

Tackling the challenges of hybrid cloud environment

The ever-evolving connectivity landscape requires businesses to adapt from traditional style of monitoring to a more dynamic system. One that is always-on in order to maintain visibility into your network ecosystem. Learn about the varying levels of management and ownership that IT will need to perform depending on your cloud architect.

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"Together AT&T and AWS can help streamline the leap to the cloud. We’re helping businesses connect virtually everything and anything to the cloud. More importantly, we’re doing this so it can be simple, scalable and highly secure."

– Mo Katibeh, Chief Marketing Officer

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Solutions for business leaders

Help maintain full control of your customers’ important data and stay compliant as your scale to the cloud.

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Solutions for technology

Identify cyber risks faster and more accurately with enhanced threat analysis and monitoring solution.

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Threat Manager for AWS

Get the visibility and control of your cloud assets with access to our security experts to handle and prioritize cyber threats 24/7.

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Frequently asked questions about AT&T Threat Manager

As company’s demands scale, they require the agility of cloud but need end to end monitoring and visibility across their entire network. AT&T Threat Manager powered by Threat Intellect® identifies cybersecurity risks to your organization faster and more accurately than ever before. Our cloud first design enables you to scale to cloud at your own pace and avoid siloed security efforts.

Threat Manager is comprised of the following:

  1. Industry standard SIEM
  2. Log Management
  3. AT&T Threat Intellect®
  4. Threat Sharing
  5. AT&T SOC Analysts

The Threat Manager platform helps customers identify patterns with increased data history and open access to event logs to more accurately predict threats with advanced user and behavioral analytics. Tapping into the intelligence of one of the largest communication networks in the world, AT&T expert analysts are empowered to prioritize and help monitor your most important enterprise assets, whether on premise or in the cloud. Threat Manager’s streamlined case and alert management provides enhanced visibility into network-wide activity and customized reports tailored for your unique business needs.

Threat Intellect® is the data set and network access that powers Threat Manager. It provides unparalleled visibility into the data patterns and threat activity across our network, helping businesses customize their security to meet their needs. It uses multitudes of unique threat signature data streams, analytics and intelligence to help detect known and unknown threats. Threat Intellect is constantly learning to adapt to the latest global security issues. It automates security protections to quickly help address vulnerabilities, reduce false positives and support compliance while proactively and reactively addressing new threats.

Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available. Existing Threat Manager customers can add their AWS logs to their log management portfolio through the Threat Manager dashboard. New customers please contact your AT&T Threat Manager sales representative to discuss pricing and scope for your on-premises, cloud and hybrid log management needs.

Logs are stored for 1 year with 90 days available in hot storage, the remaining data is accessible via cold storage.

Two SOACs (security operation and analysis centers) are available to provide 24x7 Tier 1 coverage. Senior Analysts are available during regular business hours Monday through Friday and during off hours on an on-call basis.

All on premises; data is stored in the new data lake on AT&T premises in the United States. The data is encrypted and there are geographically diverse backup sites.

The customer’s company policy must allow for syslog data to be hosted on AT&T and AWS servers and off premises in order to install Threat Manager.

Threat Manager helps customers work towards regulatory compliance for PCI, HIPAA and ISO. Threat Manager provides reporting on an as-needed basis by customers. The compliance dashboard includes predefined report templates which help to simplify regulatory reporting.

With 24/7 access to the largest communications network in the world, AT&T analysts can help to detect threats more accurately and more quickly than internal resources. Threat Manager also aids customers of all sizes by outsourcing initial threat detection which helps saves cost and enables internal resources to focus on responding to threats and protecting the network.

Threat Manager uses EPS (Events Per Second) volume based pricing. Please contact an AT&T representative to discuss your specific cloud services and log management needs.

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