DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

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7,000 DDoS attacks each day

Defend against DDoS attacks of all sizes

In a DDoS attack, hackers flood your website with traffic to overwhelm your servers in order to shut your site down. The AT&T DDoS Defense monitoring and mitigation solution is designed to detect, block, and scrub malicious data packets, helping your business stay up and running.


System-crippling DDoS attacks undermine your customer service and brand equity while taking chunks out of your revenue flow. Our monitoring and mitigation service helps to protect you against the effects of DDoS attacks by:

  • Blocking malicious data packets before they can choke your private network
  • Maintaining the flow of legitimate business traffic
  • Applying proactive measures against intruders and unauthorized activities before they affect your network
DDoS attacks

How it works

AT&T monitors your network traffic to establish a baseline of normal patterns. Based on these norms, we then analyze your ongoing traffic in detail and can identify anomalies in seconds. When we confirm a DDoS attack, we reroute all traffic, scrub or block the bad traffic so it never reaches you. We also allow valid traffic to flow virtually uninterrupted to your network.

How it works
Service Highlights

Service highlights

With AT&T, you get more than DDoS protection. You get a service backed by global resources, world-class expertise, best practice advice, and cutting-edge technology. The result is a defense solution that delivers:

  • An early warning system based on our unique threat intelligence
  • A global view of the threat landscape from one of the world’s largest Internet providers
  • Varying levels of service to fit your organization
  • The support of a team with front-line experience across numerous industries
  • Global reach with scrubbing facilities around the world

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DDoS protection

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DDoS Defense Protection

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