Network-based firewall

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Your security solution

Your security solution

More options. Integrated functionalities. Better controls

We’ve improved our network-based firewall service to provide more security options for your network, including integrated firewall functionality between your virtual private network (VPN) and internet, as well as enhanced capabilities between your firewall and AT&T NetBond- enabled Cloud Solution Providers. This security solution offers near real-time policy changes to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization.

The new security management reporting tool lets you review bandwidth usage, address security-related compliance issues, and configure your firewall security services according to your specific corporate security policies.

Our network-based firewall solution provides:

  • Enterprise-grade network security performance and availability.
  • Scalability and on-demand capabilities that deliver dynamic bandwidth flexing in tandem with the cloud resources when used with Netbond.
  • Multi-layered security for comprehensive protection.
  • Added control for management simplicity, faster time to market, increased agility for IT services delivery, and reduced capital outlay.

To help protect your data from intrusions into your network infrastructure, you need flexible, scalable and reliable security services. As part of a broader network and security strategy to manage and control company systems and information, you should have a strong, highly secure, cost-effective solution. And this is where we can help.

Our network-based firewall service can help reduce capital expenditures, decrease risk of technological obsolescence, and the need for additional staff members – all with a solution that helps protect your data. With our network-based firewall service, you subscribe to, rather than purchase, your network security. The network-based security devices reside within AT&T owned and operated Data Centers, which provide 24/7/365 monitoring and management of the firewall service.

Potential benefits

Help fortify your network with Network-Based Firewall

Inline security

Inline security between your network, internet or cloud

User permissions

Centrally manage security policies and user permissions

Global coverage

Near-global coverage and 24/7 monitoring

Centralized management

Centralized management

Cloud infrastructure

Conserve capital by utilizing pre-integrated cloud infrastructure

Adjust bandwidth

Easily adjust bandwidth as your capacity needs grow

Adapt policies

Adapt policies as compliance requirements change

Cloud providers

Provides customizable add-on features providing control over data passing to and from the cloud providers

Your security solution

The AT&T Network is an integral part of your security solution

Our firewall service is designed to offer highly secure connections for our transport customers, adding another layer of defense to their data. Using the economies of a large private network, we help you to utilize your existing wide area network investment by installing sophisticated security features directly into the AT&T network. Our network-based firewall service can support different levels of configuration complexities, ranging from a simple outbound-only security policy, to an extensive bi-directional policy with optional features, such as web filtering and malware scanning.

It is also designed to continuously inspect and treat inbound and outbound traffic according to your predefined security policies. Your bandwidth to the cloud providers are fully burstable through the firewall as your capacity needs grow. The optional intrusion detection feature inspects the content of the packet passing through the firewall and attempts to match it against patterns of known attack types. After a match is made, the packet will be discarded if directed by the pre-established security policy.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall

Reliable Firewall Management provided 24/7/365

Additionally, your network-based firewalls are actively managed and monitored 24/7/365 by our Security Operations Center (SOC), a highly secure, fully-redundant, state-of-the art management facility. Procedures are established between you and the SOC to execute configuration changes on your security policy and firewall. Additionally, our network-based firewall service provides a self-administration portal allowing you to implement changes to aspects of your firewall configuration as well as view reports on demand.

Reliable firewall management

Why is AT&T the best choice for your firewall needs?

True security comes from working with a technology organization that does more than just help overcome the complications when an attack is launched. We strive to adhere to industry-best practices and work with you to help anticipate potential threats and to mitigate impacts from the next potentially debilitating assault on your network.

To learn more about AT&T Network-based firewall service, contact an AT&T representative or have us contact you.

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