Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Rapidly identify, block, and respond to network threats

Around-the-clock surveillance of the data entering your network

Monitor your system for suspicious traffic. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) offer near-real time surveillance of the data traffic flowing through your network. Managed IDS and IPS systems scan for unauthorized attempts to access your business networks and provide you with the tools you need to help defend your enterprise. AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection and Protection Service gives you both IDS and IPS, and can manage these systems for you.


AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service helps you:

  • Save money by protecting the data and devices on your network—detect, contain, and neutralize known threats
  • Save time in avoiding false alarms by distinguishing anomalies from actual attacks
  • Stay proactive in defending against future attacks by keeping attack signature databases up to date

How it works

Like an airport security checkpoint that screens ticketed passengers, AT&T Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service screens data packets that flow into your network, in near-real time. Any packets that appear to be suspicious trigger an alert, get quarantined, and are closely analyzed. Response team experts provide you with a recommended course of action. And the service creates a database of threat signatures to help you fight attacks more efficiently in the future.

Service highlights

With AT&T security professionals available at global customer support centers and daily, weekly, and monthly interactive reporting, you will streamline your security operations and constantly refine your ability to help defend your network.

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