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AT&T Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Why Endpoint Security?

The surge in Internet, Intranet, Extranet and wireless technologies has provided unprecedented sources of productivity, collaboration, and social engagement. Users can conveniently connect into a network to transmit data or access applications anywhere. Conversely, it is also an efficient medium to distribute malware and compromise organizations in both opportunistic and targeted attacks, leading to theft of valuable information or extortion by ransomware.

With the proliferation of mobile, remote work access, bring your own device (BYOD), hotspots and wireless networks, the user’s computing or endpoint device has become a targeted entry point into the corporate network. Infected endpoint devices may infect a company’s systems, even in a protected environment. To help detect and mitigate these risks, Endpoint security protection has become an important part of any corporate security program, and should be looked upon as the foundation of internetwork security.

Given today’s threat environment, companies should insist on installing endpoint security software and ensure the endpoint device is protected, in or out of the company’s protected environment. AT&T’s Endpoint Security service can help by integrating the benefits of network-based security with an endpoint security solution by placing redundant policy on the endpoint.

AT&T Endpoint Security service can complement the network security with these critical Internet security measures: deploying effective desktop level firewall and Web access policies for the endpoint when operate outside of the company’s protected and secured environment, and enforcing compliance of company security procedures related to antivirus and application use.

AT&T Endpoint Security service gives you centralized control of these security services with reliability and redundancy under the management of a dedicated AT&T team of experts.

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Benefits and features

EPS benefits

Potential benefits

  • Centralizes management tools and policy enforcement on endpoint computing devices
  • Helps enforce security policies for endpoint devices in the office or remotely
  • Helps prevent the introduction of unwanted malware via a compromised personal computer into your private network


  • Stateful inspection Firewall
  • Web Protection
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Scanning
  • Data at rest and file level Encryption
  • Centralized customer security policies
  • Helps protect user PCs inside the company network and remotely

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Why AT&T?

AT&T Endpoint Security service is a fully managed solution to help protect both end user computing devices, in and outside a company’s protected environment from hazards posed by doing business on the Internet. With AT&T Endpoint Security service, you have the flexibility to define unique and detailed policies specific to your security requirements. AT&T will assist in configuring and populating your policies into the management servers.

The endpoint software agent installed on the endpoint device will receive security policy information from the management servers managed by AT&T Managed Security Services professionals. The client software interacts with the policy server to receive new policies and during events requiring policy enforcement. This keeps your staff from having to keep up with an everchanging threat landacape, and frees up resources to work on the primary focus of your business.

AT&T Endpoint Security service enforces compliance with customer-defined policies for firewall, web access control, anti-malware scanning at the endpoints. It also provides centralized management tools for policy management, monitoring and reporting.

AT&T EPS service includes a number of reports such as user activity, connection history, client event logs and enforcement activity. AT&T Endpoint Security service can be bundled with a number of AT&T services and AT&T Managed Security Services (e.g., Premises-Based IP VPN, AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access and AT&T Business Internet services, and Network-based or Premises-based firewall ). Your ability to survive in business may depend on how well you protect assets from an outside attack. Let AT&T help you defend your networks and develop a more advanced security policy.


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