Benefits of IP with minimal investment

Why AT&T?

Enter the world of Voice over IP with minimal effort and cost. Hosted VoIP from AT&T provides advanced communication tools and calling features, all completely managed and hosted for you over the industry-leading AT&T Global IP network. Your organization can avoid significant capital investment while reaping the benefits of VoIP.

Increase customer responsiveness with a Hosted VoIP Solution

Increase customer responsiveness with a Hosted VoIP Solution

Handle customer inquiries without delay while enhancing employee flexibility and productivity. Hosted VoIP expands your options for business communication with features such as:

  • A single number to reach an employee wherever they are located: on the road, at a customer site or working from home.
  • Ability for employees to make and answer calls from a range of devices.
  • An enriched call experience with on-demand conference calling, web conferencing, and more.

Worry-free management and administration

Get the benefits of a fast and robust network without the responsibility of managing it. With Hosted VoIP we monitor and maintain your service in our IP network. This means:

  • No need for purchasing expensive PBX/key system equipment. All you need are phones.
  • Staffing for system maintenance and upgrades is no longer needed. Your cloud-based network is up to date.
  • Scaling for future growth is seamless, with no need to disassemble or change equipment – it’s all taken care of in the AT&T cloud.
  • Absence of on-premises equipment gives you increased flexibility in how you can configure your office.
Worry-free management and administration
Worry-free management and administration

Hosted VoIP solutions and your bottom line

Simplify your operations and keep your ongoing costs low with Hosted VoIP. Advantages include:

  • Single network provides a foundation for efficient and seamless communication across physical locations
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound, local and LD calling over our high quality, world-class IP network
  • Centralized changes to numbers and lines via a user-friendly web administration tool
  • Self-serve personal web portal allows employees to check voice mail and call records, and manage their own call settings
  • Streamlined billing*

*Trial offer subject to important terms, conditions, and restrictions.

Hosted VoIP and remote/traveling workers

Whether your employees are at a customer site, at the airport, working from home, or in the office, Hosted VoIP can keep them connected to their colleagues and customers. Remote users can:

  • Forward calls with “Find me/Follow me” so that they never miss an important call
  • Receive alerts so they know right away when they have a voice mail with unified messaging
  • Set up conference calls on the fly, to discuss or troubleshoot issues
  • Attend web conferences from anywhere
Hosted VoIP with VPN
Hosted VoIP with VPN

Hosted VoIP with VPN

Experience ease of communication and excellent voice quality with Hosted VoIP and VPN. Together these technologies:

  • Easily and seamlessly blend voice and data into a single connection managed by AT&T
  • Prioritize voice ahead of data for excellent call quality, and dynamically allocate bandwidth to handle variations in call volume
  • Give your organization a “campus” feel - a consistent set of features that apply to all buildings regardless of location
  • Allow you to reach colleagues in other buildings simply by dialing an extension

Tailor your voice service to your needs and position for growth. As an IP-based service, Hosted VoIP provides a compatible platform for integration of advanced technology such as unified communications. You can add features seamlessly, as you see fit, without additional capital investment.

Boost your business communication capabilities

Boost your business communication capabilities

Hosted VoIP offers sophisticated features that can help employees be more productive and efficient. They include:

  • Standard calling features such as Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, etc.
  • On-demand conference calling
  • Web conferencing
  • Online call records of each call made, received, and missed
  • Find Me/Follow Me enables you to reach an employee wherever they may be
  • Maintaining same office features while working remotely site
  • Special routing that allows you to send VIP calls to particular destinations, or route calls around natural disasters
  • Virtual Telephone Number capability – establish a local presence by assigning phone numbers from your desired area code to any user regardless of location

Easy-to-use tools for administration and reporting

Maintain centralized control of tasks such as adding employees and changing numbers with our easy-to-use Web-based portal. In minutes you can easily:

  • Prioritize traffic
  • Add locations
  • Access reporting and tools
  • View online billing
  • Order services
  • Perform moves, adds, changes, deletes (MACDs)
Easy-to-use tools for administration and reporting
Ongoing AT&T support with Hosted VoIP

Ongoing AT&T support with Hosted VoIP

You’re in good hands with AT&T. In addition to managing and maintaining your service, our experts will help you with every aspect of deploying Hosted VoIP, including:

  • Planning, configuration, and installation of your hosted VoIP service
  • Dedicated project manager and point of contact
  • 24x7 proactive monitoring detects issues before they become problems
  • Technical help desk

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