Creating an infrastructure for converged voice and data

Your challenges

What kind of communications challenges are you facing today? Does your company have limited or no IT support? Would you like to improve the performance of your voice service and speed of your Internet or Wide Area Network (WAN) bandwidth while lowering complexity and helping manage expenses? Consider getting voice service and Internet or WAN access through one provider, on one connection that offers a cost effective and easy to deploy solution. An option like this could help you better focus on your customers and grow your business.

It's all included

AT&T Business in a Box® provides an integrated platform enabling voice and data services to be provided over a single network connection and device for office locations (small businesses and satellite offices of larger organizations). The service connects with AT&T Business Voice over IP (VoIP) service provided via an AT&T transport solution.

AT&T Business in a Box features an AT&T managed device equipped with data and telephony ports. In addition, the service enables Internet or WAN access routing capabilities (with built-in firewall protection), virtual private network termination, and even LAN based Wi-Fi data access.

Your technology resource

AT&T Business in a Box should not require an extensive technology staff. This leading edge service is simple to set up and easy to use. AT&T handles the behind the scenes work by providing you with a managed service with proactive support 24x7x365, automatic configuration, self-provisioning, self-healing, data monitoring, and more. The Stateful Firewall/Security helps protect the network against unauthorized traffic reaching the LAN.

Maximizing bandwidth

AT&T Business in a Box service provides more data bandwidth when voice usage declines. By converging your local voice, long distance and Internet onto a dedicated T1 or NxT1, you can dynamically share bandwidth through voice prioritization. This means anytime an employee is not on a voice call, you have more data capacity available for Internet or WAN access. For example, during off-hours when you have low voice traffic, you have the capacity to run remote backup, which may be data intensive. Voice always gets priority over data transmission; bandwidth is dynamically allocated.

Not just small businesses

Bring the power of large enterprise technology to any small office. AT&T Business in a Box offers a range of robust features to help enhance productivity. Besides small businesses, AT&T Business in a Box is an ideal solution for a multitude of industries such as healthcare facilities, retail chains, restaurants, financial offices, legal services and more.

Ready when you are

Technology is changing to suit your needs. Internet, web hosting, remote access, mobile workers, and cloud computing all rely on data transport to provide services. AT&T Business in a Box® can help you keep up by providing configurations that support both IPv4 and IPv6.


  • Replaces disparate voice and data equipment
  • Helps you evolve from analog voice to VoIP
  • Completely managed and monitored
  • Increased speed, capacity and efficiency
  • Enhanced security through support for firewall and IP VPN
  • Available VoIP service plans include unlimited “on-net”, unlimited local calling (one plan offers unlimited domestic long distance, too!)


  • Too many different technologies and equipment components to manage
  • Remote locations don’t have technical support staff
  • Outdated and inefficient technology
  • Bandwidth capacity issues
  • Limited or No time to manage communications
  • Limited or No experts to manage technology

More robust features

  • IP network – Compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing protocols
  • Firewall – Customer Managed, integrated business class firewall to protect your data
  • Outbound Survivability – Provides connectivity to analog phones during emergencies and unexpected service interruption
  • LAN Ports – Get 12 or 24 Power over Ethernet (POE) Enabled ports with the AT&T Business in a Box base system – All Ethernet LAN ports are POE which enables a VoIP phone to be plugged into a computer without plugging the VoIP phone into the wall – Add on Ethernet ports in 8 or 24 port increments with additional devices
  • Analog Ports – Connect your compatible analog PBX or key system directly to the 6 embedded ports with the base system – Configuration options include hunt group support – Add on additional Analog Ports in 8 port increments with additional devices
  • Dedicated Internet Access or MPLS VPN – Opens the gateway for off-net voice traffic
  • IP VPN Termination – When used with MIS this enables secure access through the internet between multiple AT&T Business in a Box locations
  • Wi-Fi–Gain wireless data access within your facility through built in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi with WPA encryption

You choose

AT&T Business in a Box offers a data only option or the service can be used Business Voice over IP (BVoIP) solutions. Your AT&T representative can help you choose the best option for your organization.

Business VoIP is a fully hosted solution that enhances business productivity through advanced features including VIP routing, conferencing and remote worker/ mobility support, and “find me/follow me” service that allows you to take calls on the go. The administrator and end-user web portals allow for easy call management and simple access via the AT&T Business Direct® web portal. Inbound and outbound calling on your data network provides unlimited “on-net”, unlimited local and domestic and international calling at competitive rates, with options that can include domestic long distance calling minutes.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach, a premises-based Voice over IP service, is a SIP “trunking” service that helps deliver integrated access for compatible IP PBXs, TDM PBX’s or key systems. AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a managed Voice over IP solution which supports inbound and outbound calling on your data network, providing unlimited “on-net” and unlimited local with competitive rates for long distance calling.

AT&T Business in a Box when used with AT&T IP Flexible Reach provides connectivity to compatible key systems, and PRI interfaces on select, compatible TDM and IP PBXs. AT&T continually assesses the systems supported by AT&T Business in a Box, and additional PBX models are regularly added –check with your AT&T Representative to see what PBX systems can be used with AT&T Business in a Box today.

Why wait

Get the advanced technology you need today. Reduce the costly, time consuming, and complex management of disparate communications systems so instead you can focus on what really matters: your business and your customers.

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