Collaborate seamlessly from almost any video device virtually anywhere in the world

In today’s fast paced environment, your office communications need to be reliable, versatile, and scalable. AT&T Conferencing with Cisco® WebEx® offers premiere audio capabilities combined with a market leading web conferencing platform. An audio conferencing leader, AT&T provides scalable, reliable global audio capabilities, in conjunction with high definition video and a rich array of WebEx features. Attendees can join conferences seamlessly with local, in country phone numbers in over 150 countries, improving performance and reliability and helping to reduce costs.

Improve your productivity and increase communication across teams with virtual meetings that are accessible from a laptop or mobile device, at almost any time, almost anywhere in the world. Build relationships and communicate more richly and clearly with high definition (HD) video. Collaborate on documents in real-time and share applications easily. See and hear your colleagues with clarity, consistency, and enterprise quality delivery.



  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Integrated file sharing
  • Enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance
  • Integrated with AT&T NetBond® for highly secure connectivity

Potential benefits

  • Mobile device access
  • Reduce travel and overall costs
  • Face to face with HD video
  • Business continuity
  • Meet online on any device

    Mobile meetings: Attend meetings on an iPhone™, Android™, iPad™, Windows Phone®, BlackBerry® and other wireless or 3G and 4G mobile phone and tablet devices

  • Rich, interactive meetings

    • File, application, and desktop sharing: Easily collaborate on any project by sharing content, video real-time
    • Video: View the exceptionally crisp and clear HD video of the Active Speaker with up to 720p screen resolution. See up to seven simultaneous webcam video feeds with voice-activated switching
  • Join Conferences with Clear, Superior Audio Capabilities, Which Include

    • Toll & Toll-Free phone numbers
    • Call-In & Call Back to join the conference
    • Domestic & International availability
    • Active Talker: the person speaking is identified with sound icon and Active Speaker Video
    • Conference Keep Alive: allows the host to terminate the web conference and leave the audio conference running
    • Integrated Recording: record the web and audio
    • Breakout Sessions: create smaller web and audio sub-conferences
WebEx is a software-as-a-service solution delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud.

WebEx is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud – a highly available and secure service delivery platform with unmatched performance and integration flexibility.

  • Desktop integration: Schedule meetings from Microsoft® Outlook or instantly initiate meetings from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and a variety of integrated instant messaging solutions
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

Access a Full Array of WebEx Collaboration Solutions

AT&T Conferencing with Cisco® WebEx® offers an additional service option, Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud (CMR) which combines the simplicity of WebEx meetings with conferencing bridging capabilities to enable an instantly-available video meeting experience. Facilitate faster decision-making by bringing people together in the way that fits their work style, and makes it easier for participants to join from a range of devices, from almost any location. Expand the capacity of meetings from one to hundreds with a pay-as-you-go subscription service that helps you manage expenses and helps reduce meeting-related travel costs. Our global conferencing solutions offer full-featured capabilities which can seamlessly integrate with leading vendor solutions, to deliver enterprise quality, reliability and scalability. We are uniquely positioned to address customer needs with our holistic and comprehensive selection of solutions, including two versions of CMR – Cloud and Hybrid.

Cisco CMR Cloud

A simple-to-use cloud hosted meeting room solution that is offered as an add-on service option to a Cisco WebEx subscription. Quickly enable meetings in the cloud that can scale to support up to 25 standards based video endpoints and up to 500 video enabled WebEx users in a single meeting. Extend meetings to anyone.

Cisco CMR Hybrid

Enables customers to quickly extend on-premises Cisco TelePresence™ videoconferences to include Cisco WebEx users. Cisco CMR Hybrid is offered through an on-premises infrastructure and a subscription to Cisco WebEx . Cisco CMR Hybrid empowers users to join a meeting from any Cisco Telepresence endpoint, 3rd party standards based video endpoints, soft clients and any WebEx enabled mobile or desktop web client such as Jabber. Enable up to 100 standards based video endpoints and up to 500 video enabled WebEx users to join a single meeting.

Why AT&T?

  • AT&T Global Audio Conferencing integration
  • Dedicated AT&T Resources supporting our customers during and after service launch/migration
  • Unlimited complimentary user training
  • 24x7x365 technical support
  • Full suite of world class WebEx solutions
AT&T offers a full suite of world class WebEx solutions.

AT&T Conferencing integrates with the AT&T global converged network which is deployed around the world for low latency and increased availability and performance. The global network includes security features to and through the network with QOS, redundancy, resiliency & reliability built-in. Also included in the network, Integrated Multimedia Services, IMS-based state of the art technology. AT&T Conferencing with Cisco® WebEx® is integrated with AT&T NetBond®. This integration offers an added layer of security for connectivity to AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx, through an AT&T MPLS VPN rather than over the public internet.

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