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Enhanced Mobile


In today’s competitive environment, every call is important. You can’t afford to miss connections with customers and partners simply because you weren’t available.

Transform your company’s smartphones into a business-class phone system. With AT&T CollaborateSM - Enhanced Mobile, you can improve mobile communications with customers and collaborators through advanced features that answer and direct calls to the right contact, unify your number over all devices and employees, and have the confidence to control your business communications to help ensure no call goes unanswered.

AT&T collaborate


enhanced mobile features


  • Locate me: You’re on the move, your calls should be too. Your incoming calls can ring multiple lines sequentially, simultaneously, or based on time of day, day of week, or specific situation.
  • Auto attendant: Greet customers professionally and allow callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a live operator or receptionist.
  • Hunt groups: Distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of phone numbers so calls don’t go unanswered.
  • Single outbound number identification: Unify your calling presence by having your main company phone number appear on all outbound calls.»
  • Extension dialing: Allow three to six digit dialing to reach a person or department.
  • Voicemail designed for business: Receive SMS notifications of new voicemails and/or emails with an attached media file of the actual voicemail.
  • Native dialer: Take advantage of a solution running across the nation’s largest and most reliable network, without the need of an app or special dial codes.*
  • Enhanced Mobile web portal: Manage features such as dial restrictions, hunt groups, and user configurations online.
  • Reporting: Access detailed reports via your admin portal.


enhanced mobile benefits


  • Improve availability and customer satisfaction with more ways to reach you on the first call.
  • Route calls to additional resources to help ensure you never miss a call.
  • Manage calls with an array of call handling features to meet your business needs.
  • Scale easily by adding or changing services based on your needs.
AT&T collaborate enhanced mobile
  • Mobile focused solution with a native dialer available on all AT&T VoLTE devices connected to the AT&T VoLTE network
  • Dedicated AT&T resources to help you get up and running
  • The nation’s largest and most reliable network*
  • Easy to purchase: no contract, no installation fee, no equipment to buy and configure
  • AT&T is a trusted vendor in security and mobile communications solutions

* Coverage not avail. everywhere. Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Reliability based on voice and data performance from independent 3rd party data.

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