AT&T Live Broadcast Video Services

AT&T Live Broadcast Video Services

How it works

Deliver content through the power of the cloud

Getting your content to your audience is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Today, people want to watch your video anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.

It’s a fast-paced business, where reliability matters. Time is precious, and you don’t want to spend it putting together different pieces from different vendors. You’re looking for integrated solutions. We can make your jobs easier and your production cycles faster, by delivering a more efficient workflow with built-in redundancy, faster post-production and lower costs.

From the camera feed to the director’s chair to the individual viewers, AT&T has the end-to-end solution you need. No other service provider can match the depth of our experience, the reach of our network, or the breadth of services we provide.

Deliver content through the power of the cloud
Flexible and broad support tailored to your business.

Flexible and broad support tailored to your business

Integrated solutions to meet your needs

AT&T is the only provider that can deliver an end-to-end solution with all the components you need.

Global Video services provide event connectivity to the broadcast industry and are already available at major sports venues in the US. Where prebuilt fiber connectivity is not available, remote equipment can be deployed.

Hybrid Cloud solutions provide options for storage, distribution and management of video content. The cloud can be used to store feeds or programs, to archive older content or to host programming for secondary distribution channels. Also located on the AT&T core network, we provide data centers to host broadcast applications for business continuity and to help safeguard against cyberattacks.


AT&T is a recognized leader in the design, deployment, and management of innovative network solutions. Make your life easier with our state-of-the-art support for all your video production requirements.

The AT&T advantage

The AT&T advantage

The AT&T advantage

AT&T can help you build and manage a powerful, flexible, and secure environment for your video production needs. Scale your solution to suit your business, whenever and wherever it needs to go, with our global end-to-end distribution and delivery capabilities. With expert high-performance video services, we can design, implement, protect, and operate a fully integrated transport, storage, distribution, and management environment.

Our solution in play

To see how these elements come together, consider this scenario.

A live sports broadcaster is covering a college football game and transmits the production and camera feeds from the stadium to its production center using AT&T Global Video services. From there, it’s provided to local TV stations and cable operators for distribution.

As the feeds pass through the AT&T Global Video Center, a copy with highlights and key plays is simultaneously pushed out to AT&T Cloud Storage, where it can be made available in near real-time for replay in-game, for updates during other broadcasts and to other broadcasters for use in their sports segments.

After the game, the completed event is transcoded into an editable file format for storage in the cloud, where it can be used for post-production, rebroadcast or simply archived without taking up space in the broadcaster’s data center. Programs stored in the cloud can be directly accessed for both rebroadcast and non-traditional delivery to online and mobile viewers.

The result is a more efficient workflow with built-in redundancy, faster post-production, and lower operations cost.

Global video services

Capture and transport original content with quality

Whether a worldwide, televised event or a breaking news story, you need a dependable, broadcast-quality transport platform. You may be working at a venue that’s already connected to the AT&T Global Video network or need only part-time, remote capabilities. Either way, we can securely and reliably connect you to your ops center. We create solutions to fit your needs and can design flexible, cost-effective connectivity. We have the technology needed for a dedicated video network and there's also a part-time option for occasional broadcast needs.

Capture and transport original content with quality

We provide video contribution and distribution, at multiple levels of service. We support managed full-time video networks as well as connections to video servers for advertising and news clip distribution. For news, sports, and special events, our broadcast video services provide backhaul between points of program origination and your broadcast studios.

Our services are carried on an all-digital, high-speed fiber optic network that delivers broadcast quality transmissions: compressed HD/SD-SDI/ASI on a reservation basis inside the US; HDVT-HD-SDI is available on a reservation basis, with bitrates from 75 Mbps up to 400 Mbps.

Our highly reliable network allows for diverse connection arrangements including flexible reservations for customers that need ad-hoc start times and extensions. Network monitoring, maintenance, and error detection are covered by our SONET Based Optical Network. It incorporates built-in, self-healing capabilities to restore service due to cable breaks or other intrusive events.

Service highlights:

  • Low-latency delivery with virtually no jitter, so your customers have an optimal viewing experience, live or streaming
  • The highest quality digital bandwidth for broadcast quality transmissions
  • In-depth design and engineering services to align

Hybrid cloud solutions

Reliably store and manage video assets

Reliably store and manage video assets

Cloud computing is no longer the next big thing—it’s the current big thing. AT&T Hybrid Cloud solutions help you combine public and private cloud models, including private network, storage, and compute resources.

Cloud services can help you keep your business up and running for your employees and customers. They can also reduce your operating costs and ultimately make your company more competitive. A hybrid model more efficiently delivers the on-demand resource availability and scalability of the cloud, while protecting the most sensitive applications.

With AT&T, you can optimize computing and storage without growing local infrastructure, scaling to meet demands as they arise. Our solutions are managed behind the scenes, so you can address your customers’ demands while we monitor performance and security. That means you can focus on content and let us handle what isn’t seen.

Record and archive

AT&T is a leader in the world of hybrid cloud services. Our cloud services are built on AT&T Global MPLS network, which supports offerings from leading technology providers that can deliver simple, highly secure, and high-performance solutions.

For video applications, AT&T Cloud Storage can eliminate the need to manage capacity for storage and connectivity. There’s no up-front capital expense, and virtually unlimited storage for as long as you want it. You can even establish a back-up control center that will keep your programs online if there’s a disruption at your primary facility. That means you can continue to generate broadcast revenue.

Service highlights:

  • Optimized storage options, keeping files accessible, and prioritizing storage environments
  • Highly-secure, reliable, and predictable performance
  • Reduced risk of cyber-attacks

Content distribution network

Get speed, quality, and security

Get speed, quality, and security

To satisfy your audience, you want a faster, easier way to distribute your content while increasing visibility and control. The ideal solution must be flexible and responsive, so you can hold your viewers’ attention, thereby turning engagement into a loyal, growing audience. To help protect your video content and infrastructure, you also want tools that can enhance security without encumbering access.

The AT&T Content Delivery Network (CDN) is built on a global framework of over 200,000 CDN caching nodes in over 100 countries. Businesses with origin servers on the network will enjoy faster, more secure content ingest, as well as an additional layer of security. Our global reach means you can move your content closer to your customers, so it can be delivered more quickly for any device, virtually anywhere in the world. The AT&T CDN offers mobile optimization, front-end optimization, and dynamic site acceleration.

Besides live and on-demand video streaming, the AT&T CDN has an optional media player for web applications. It can improve content delivery and support a smooth, high quality streaming experience for live events and on-demand video. It is device-agnostic, so it can deliver a high-quality experience for smartphones, tablets, desktops or traditional TVs.

Security is critical for the protection of video assets and the protection of end user privacy. The AT&T CDN provides a layer of protection to complement your data center, server, and network security solutions. You have access to all its features and capabilities in one easy-to-manage solution.

Service highlights:

  • Rapid delivery of digital assets for higher customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Powerful management and reporting tools to control resources, enforce policies, and increase value
  • Global reach and control without the capital expense of building your own infrastructure
Besides live and on-demand video streaming, the AT&T CDN has an optional media player for web applications.

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