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Smart Farming: AT&T and PrecisionKing 2 | AT&T

Utilizing services from Precision King & AT&T, Whitaker Farms reduced water usage up to 60%. [1:05]

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Increasing Water Conservation with HydroPoint - Annual Report 2014 | AT&T

Smart Irrigation helped The Phoenician save 36M gallons of water annually and reduce costs. [2:24]

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Introduction: AT&T Asset Management - Operations Center

Simplify your IoT implementations and gain visibility of your mobile assets on a single dashboard [1:42]

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Emerson Grind2Energy - AT&T Customer Stories

Emerson developed Grind2Energy to reduce food waste and with help from AT&T IoT, created a new source of clean energy. [1:52]


The tech race and IoT

Tech race and IoT: How technology can sharpen your competitive edge


What you need to know about IoT platforms

An IoT platform is a suite of software components that enables connection and information exchange between IoT devices and IoT applications.

A fleet manager's guide to the Internet of Things

Wirelessly track, monitor, and enable your fleet.

Visibility, Speed, and Agility

The ability to monitor location and environmental condition of shipments is critical for the supply chain and transport industries.

A Supply Chain Manager's Guide to IoT

Always connected, IoT opens new insights into supply chain operations, with processes and applications never possible before.


Timeliness of Information

A survey reveals that timeliness of information is the #1 challenge in the supply chain.

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