Local Area Networks (LAN)

Small, medium, or large—no matter the size of your building, our LAN and In-Building Solutions boost your mobility and wireless coverage.

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In-Building Solutions

Boost your in-building mobility coverage

AT&T MetroCell improves the quality of your wireless service and indoor wireless reception. Enjoy clearer, stronger signals for client calls and data downloads.

AT&T MetroCell

Respond more quickly—and reliably—using an AT&T MetroCell with AT&T devices.

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Each AT&T MetroCell device delivers improved in-building coverage for up to 64 simultaneous sessions in areas up to 15,000 square feet.
AT&T In-Building Solutions

AT&T In-Building Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all when designing a cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for a building. AT&T In-Building Solutions can be tailored for the wireless needs of your unique building.

Managed LAN

Your end-to-end managed solution for LAN

With end-to-end management and monitoring, fault resolution, tuning, and network optimization—all from a single source—you’ll enjoy enhanced LAN performance and support.

CPE ownership options

Customer Equipment Ownership Options

You can purchase or lease your customer equipment solution components through AT&T Managed LAN services.

Lower cost. Greater productivity. Reduced complexity.

Choosing AT&T as your managed LAN services provider means you can take advantage of cost savings and productivity enhancements. We help you design, deploy, manage, monitor, and maintain LAN and wireless LAN devices.

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