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Developing the right mobile solutions calls for a highly detailed and strategic process. AT&T Mobility Consulting can help you mitigate risks and reach your goals.

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AT&T Mobility Consulting: expertise that accelerates innovation

A lot of organizations want to use mobility to solve their most pressing business challenges but it can be difficult to identify and implement the right solutions. AT&T Mobility Consulting brings years of first-hand mobility experience and expertise to help identify, plan, and implement innovative solutions in your organization.

AT&T Mobility Consulting: expertise that accelerates innovation

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Because one size doesn't fit all, we can help you design and implement solutions to your exact specifications.

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Mobility Consulting from AT&T can offer these deliverables and more:

Strategy roadmap Mobile strategy & roadmap
Educational sessions Mobility educational sessions
Competitive analysis Competitive analysis
Mobile and industry trends Mobile and industry trends
Journey mapping Journey mapping
Application prioritization Mobile application prioritization
Mobile security Mobile security
IoT Consulting IoT consulting
Bring your own device Bring your own device
Mobile governance Mobile governance



Create your mobility roadmap with AT&T Mobility Consulting

Whether you want to reduce costs, boost worker productivity or increase customer engagement, it all starts with the mobility roadmap. By identifying your business’s mobility goals, it provides a clear, tactical plan to reach them.

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Identify the benefits of implementing a BYOD plan

Identify the benefits of implementing a BYOD plan

AT&T Mobility Consulting specialists guide you through every aspect of integrating and securing BYOD devices in your IT environment.

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Design and implement your Mobile architecture

Design and implement your mobile architecture

While the mobility roadmap outlines your business strategy, mobile architecture consulting provides the technology you need to build each solution. Our vast resources and depth of technical expertise can help you with any part of your mobility plan.



Maturing an enterprise into a mobile environment takes strategic planning and processes to the risk to the enterprise, while providing the flexibility the employees and customers demand. AT&T Mobility Consultants offer their mobile governance expertise through key insights and recommendations provided through several governance areas.

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Striking the right balance

Potential benefits:

  • Mitigate corporate security risk
  • Improve workforce productivity with clear and enforceable policies
  • Access the vast mobility expertise and resources of AT&T to assess the governance policies of your business
Mobile Center of Excellence

Application prioritization

Attaining a non-disputable enterprise-wide mobility roadmap requires a method for prioritizing mobile solutions using overall corporate objectives as a guide.

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Prioritizing mobile solutions using overall corporate objectives as a guide.
Sample App Prioritization Graph

Educational sessions

In depth training on key mobility subject areas, customized for your company’s needs

AT&T Mobility Strategy Consultants can offer a variety of mobile educational sessions:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Architecture & Security
  • Big Data & Data Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile Governance

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UI/UX consulting

Increasing engagement among customers and employees requires much more than a basic mobile presence. AT&T offers UI/UX (user interface/user experience) workshops to help you maximize the adoption and usability of your mobile applications:

  • Best practices workshops
  • Storyboards, wireframes, and high-fidelity concepts
  • Persona development and strategies for appealing to target users
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In-depth training on key mobility subject areas, customized for your company’s needs

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