Networks for the Internet of Things

IoT Networks connect your people, processes, and applications so that your business can sense and adapt to changing conditions, fast.

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Learn about IoT WAN options

What You Need to Know About IoT Networks

Learn more about how to select from a combination of IoT wide area network options.

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Low-cost LTE modules for IoT

Low cost LTE modules for IoT

Developers can create cost-effective IoT hardware configurations and device designs.

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IoT device certification

AT&T-approved SIM manufacturers

Learn the basics

New to the Internet of Things (IoT)? “Learn the Basics” will help get you up to speed.

Learn the basics

AT&T-approved device certification labs


Are you considering whether to buy or build your device? You may be surprised at the differences in level of effort and the costs involved.

Learn more about IoT devices

AT&T-approved device manufacturers


Learn more about the benefits of designing around a module.

AT&T Certified Modules Make Sense

Learn about the AT&T Network-Ready Lab

Get Network-Ready

AT&T experts can put you on the fast track to certifying your device as Network Ready.

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Global SIM


Connect virtually anywhere

AT&T Global SIM provides worldwide, end-to-end connectivity for large-scale multi-national operations. Through a single platform, it can dynamically adapt to a changing business environment.

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Reduce overhead and better manage expenses


  • Favorable pricing across 500+ operators in 200+ countries
  • Existing relationships support use of local infrastructure
  • Manage SIM state from inactive to provisioned to active.

Satellite connectivity

Reach new heights with satellite connectivity

The coverage of satellite gives you greater control of your assets, no matter how distant.

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Learn more about satellite connectivity
Satellite connectivity use cases

Satellites cover some of the most remote needs

Multi-mode configurations support transportation, oil and gas, agriculture, and more.

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6 considerations for IoT satellite devices

Flexible options include dual-mode and backhaul

Satellite can reach remote areas and switch to cellular when in range for lower costs.

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LTE-M Network

"LTE-M changes the game for the Internet of Things."

LTE-M for the Internet of Things

Built for IoT devices, LTE-M is a licensed LPWAN (low-power wide-area network) that enhances indoor and subterranean coverage, as well as battery life, at lower costs.

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Stat: The North American LTE-M footprint will be covering 400 million people by the end of 2017.
LTE-M as small as 1/6th the size
LTE-M half the price
LTE-M up the a 10 year battery life
LTE-M 15 db in-building and subterranean coverage

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