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Develop and scale fast. Simplify IoT with development and management platforms so you can more easily build network-enabled products.

Control Center


Now with advanced features for improved security, automation, and analytics

Deploy, manage, and monetize your connected devices and IoT solutions across the world and in near real time with AT&T Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper.

AT&T Control Center is designed to meet your needs based on your industry, size, complexity, and stage of IoT adoption.

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AT&T Control Center capabilities

Multi-Network Connect


Single dashboard to manage and monitor your IoT connected endpoints

Visualize one single platform to manage diverse endpoints with one comprehensive view of all your IoT devices. Multi-Network Connect manages IoT connections across cellular and satellite operators around the globe.

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Multi-Network Connect

The easier and faster way to manage IoT connections

Multi-Network Connect intuitive web portal provides near real time management for monitoring IoT connections.


Quickly build IoT applications without writing code

DataFlow helps you maximize IoT investments by connecting, collecting, transforming, and orchestrating your data.

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att dataflow

DataFlow enables devices to connect and share valuable data.

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IoT Starter Kit


Assemble. Connect. Prototype.

The IoT Starter Kit helps remove the barriers for developers who want to take advantage of the Internet of Things. It provides access to the AT&T Control Center platform and was designed for IoT developers of all levels.

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Streamline device development and deployment with an IoT Starter Kit.

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