Connected health

Caregivers are getting a better-rounded picture of patient health and making faster medical decisions using the Internet of Things.

IoT improves healthcare decision-making

Healthcare Foundry


The AT&T Foundry in Houston drives digital health innovation

When healthcare meets the network, our teams can securely track and monitor a patient’s condition from the hospital to the home. It can mean less time in hospitals and more time at home.

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"By applying the Foundry model and IoT insights into healthcare, we can help providers accomplish their goals."


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Remote patient monitoring


Wellness tracking and virtual care: in 60 million households by 2019.

—Parks Associates

Monitor patients remotely
Connected care for remote patients

Connected care for remote patients

We are committed to serving the technology needs across the continuum of care.

Accelerating healthcare innovation

Connected wheelchair proof of concept

Connected Wheelchair Proof of Concept

AT&T and Permobil have developed wirelessly connected wheelchairs to enhance independence.

The connected wheelchair includes our Global SIM, Control Center, M2X and Flow Designer technologies.

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