AT&T Foundries

We work with other leading companies and entrepreneurs to incubate cutting-edge ideas, like connected vehicles and home security.

IoT Foundry


Tech experts and entrepreneurs create new IoT solutions

We work with partners to explore everything from radio frequency (RF) engineering and mechanical hardware designs to software solutions like database development and Web applications.

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The IoT Foundry is located in Plano, Texas. Explore some of the excitement!

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AT&T Drive Studio

Your tomorrow car, today

Before arriving at its new home, this car's connected future started here, at the AT&T Drive Studio—the first wireless carrier design center dedicated to automobile innovation.

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Healthcare Foundry


The AT&T Foundry in Houston drives digital health innovation

When healthcare meets the network, our teams can securely track and monitor a patient's condition from the hospital to the home. It can mean less time in hospitals and more time at home.

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"We want to help create stronger connections between caregivers and patients. By applying the Foundry model and IoT insights into health care, we can help providers accomplish their goals."

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