Mobile Application Development

Develop customized mobile apps that empower your business.

Transform your business processes and customer communications with dynamic, integrated mobile applications tailored to your enterprise’s structure and needs. Turn to Mobile Application Development from AT&T for a comprehensive solution suite to build, deploy and manage mobile applications that empower your employees and engage your customers.

Integrate and mobilize your enterprise data assets

Mobile productivity applications tailored to your business give you the power to enhance your business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-enterprise (B2E) processes. With custom developed mobile apps, you may:

  • Combine data from multiple data sources and different parts of your company, such as inventory, marketing and customer history, into a single interface
  • Provide a seamless customer experience with user-friendly customer-facing applications that run on virtually any device and platform
  • Streamline inter-company work flow processes and communications such as approvals and checkpoints
  • Boost employee agility, efficiency and flexibility in performing business tasks, collaborating and communicating with customers

Benefit from knowledgeable consultants and mobile app platforms

When you chose Mobile Application Development from AT&T, you have access to:

  • Expert consultants who understand the technology and help you achieve a broad, holistic understanding of your unique enterprise’s current and future needs
  • Methodology, platforms and tools to develop flexible mobile applications supporting virtually any platform, OS and device
  • Extensive relationships with highly capable third party providers
  • Post-development support such as hosting, management and ongoing international user support and maintenance
  • Support BYOD safely in your enterprise

Learn how our team assisted companies in developing mobile applications to improve their business processes and connect them with customers.

Providing effortless access to business information

Business Challenge: An enterprise needed to provide its sales team and customers with mobile access to collateral such as reports, brochures, training videos, and hardware manuals.

AT&T Solution: Drawing on our mobile expertise, our team integrated several components into a robust solution:

  • Selected a third-party mobile enterprise application to address the business need
  • Developed custom databases for product catalog and sales reporting
  • Incorporated network-based encryption to maximize security and privacy
  • Facilitated a variety of access options by deploying a cloud-based solution

Result: Field sales effectiveness and productivity increased due to efficient, real-time access to crucial tools. With instant access to desired information, customer satisfaction was enhanced.

Improving customer experience and internal workflow

Business Challenge: The goal for this company was to use mobile applications to reduce response time to customer requests, expand its sales and customer interactions, and increase brand awareness and visibility. Cost-effectiveness and reliability were important objectives as well.

AT&T Solution: We created a highly secure custom mobile application including streamlined workflows to address the needs of both sales agents and customers. Features included:

  • Ability to create and edit product quotes
  • Product quotes delivered in PDF format
  • Easy to use screen overlays for training
  • Ability to add and manage customer contacts in a centralized database

Result: Automation of time-consuming manual processes and centralization of contact information resulted in a cost-effective solution that:

  • Improved customer response time and overall communication
  • Enhanced sales efficiency
  • Increased reliability, consistency, and security of data such as contacts and quotes

Developing apps to personalize customer interactions

Business Challenge: This company needed a state-of-the-art mobilized customer loyalty program maximizing brand awareness. Its existing mobile app was outdated and limited, did not function well on many devices, and did not permit proactive communication to customers.

AT&T Solution: We created a custom mobile application running on a flexible HTML5 platform that supports a variety of leading devices with a consistent user experience. New features included:

  • Store locator and store information
  • Favorites and recently visited
  • Rewards club membership
  • Gift cards
  • Push messaging with specials and promotions

Result: The goals of consistent branding, customer-friendly functionality, and enhanced customer communication were each achieved. The flexible new mobile platform allows for future growth as technology changes occur.

Take a holistic approach to your enterprise needs

Expand your mobility reach with the AT&T suite of pre-built and custom mobile application offerings. These can range from single self-service, premises-based applications to complex multi-carrier, multi-device solutions that are hosted and managed end-to-end.

Our holistic, comprehensive set of products and services support you as you integrate the power of mobile applications in your enterprise. Whether your needs include B2B, B2E or B2C, our industry-leading professional consultants assist you to:

  • Assess your current environment and business requirements in light of future technology
  • Integrate existing applications, mainframes, back-end databases, and supply chain management into mobile solutions that cross multiple carriers and devices
  • Design and build scalable, highly secure, native, open source/HTML5 solutions that include our highly capable third-party suppliers and tools as needed
  • Incorporate predictive security at the network, device, application levels
  • Deploy, test and certify your solution across devices and platforms
  • Host, manage, and support your mobile applications

Maximize user interface speed with mobile app development

Avoid user abandonment of applications that are too difficult or time consuming. Create unique, predictive collaboration in your apps to maximize their adoption and utilization rates.

Designing effective mobile applications requires understanding of user needs and the unique aspects of mobile interfaces. In user-focused methodology our expert starts with interviewing your unique users to develop an optimal user interface. The result: mobile applications that are faster and easier to use, and consistent with best practice and mobile standards.

Facilitate a consistent user experience across devices

Increase productivity and reduce support costs with a coordinated user experience across virtually any device and platform.

AT&T provides solutions with a uniform user experience across the leading operating systems, including the development and integration of platform, native, open source/HTML5 and third party applications.

A uniform interface helps you project a consistent brand image and promotes speedy adoption of your applications as customers and employees upgrade or move among devices in their personal ecosystem.

Rely on ongoing post-deployment support with AT&T mobile app development

Enjoy the peace of mind of letting mobile professionals handle ongoing user support and avoid the challenges of maintaining your own mobile troubleshooting team.

We provide a world-class customer support team dedicated to serving your enterprise’s internal and external users. This can include both domestic and international support that complies with in-country regulations.

The Application Service Desk’s experienced, industry-certified professionals provide hands-on, proactive, comprehensive global technical support, including:

  • Technical support
  • 24/7 support
  • Installation, configuration, tuning and testing
  • Training
  • Service onboarding to handle ongoing user additions and changes

Ability to choose between the Silver, Gold, or Platinum tiers of annual support, which offer varying levels of response times, support hours, and access to mobility solution experts for issue resolution.

Regardless of which option you choose, AT&T will provide overall ownership to facilitate a consistent customer experience for your users, even if multiple parties are required to solve an issue.

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