Using AT&T Telepresence solution virtual meeting room

Nonverbal communications—a smile, a frown, or the raise of an eyebrow—can reveal more about a person’s thoughts than a written word or tone of voice. But in-person meetings aren’t always in the budget. With a flexible range of video conferencing options—from an immersive video room to a smartphone screen—you can see what you’ve been missing. Powered by the global reach and reliability of the AT&T network, you can also have the high-bandwidth, low-latency connections you need for high-quality video experiences.

AT&T telepresence solutions

By creating a highly interactive visual connection with your partners, suppliers, customers, and employees, AT&T can help you use video conferencing to:

  • Fortify or build new relationships
  • Keep attendees more focused and productive
  • Accelerate decisions between multiple stakeholders
  • Negotiate contracts quickly
  • Build virtual design teams to speed development
  • Reduce travel time, costs, and carbon emissions


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