Colocation Services

Amp up your IT agility through colocation. Our data center services enable you to focus on business growth—not real estate and overhead.

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Data center locations

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We understand the importance of keeping your data close.
With access to over 300 data center locations worldwide, we’ll help your business connect virtually wherever you are, without the worry of managing infrastructure and staff.


Network expansion is now easier than ever

Imagine expanding into new markets while freeing—instead of straining—your resources. [2:50]

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Security and performance


AT&T Colocation essentials

Save time and money without sacrificing security and performance.

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AT&T Colocation Essentials
Data Security Threats

Physically protected and reliable data center space

Our data centers vigilantly protect the infrastructure supporting your critical applications, equipment, and data.

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The importance of multiple layers of security

With so much focus on protecting your servers and network from hard-to-detect viruses, worms and other malware, it’s important to remember to address the physical security threats that can happen right before your eyes.

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Network connectivity

As your data center provider, AT&T delivers more than colocation services. You get a company that has helped define the industry. We have built and supported highly-secure, conditioned facilities for over 100 years and offer a variety of connectivity options to help meet our customers needs.

network connectivity

How do you want to connect and what applications are you supporting?

Let our data centers connect you more securely and with high performance.

Get the best of both clouds

Optimize applications and workloads efficiently and more securely across different clouds.

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connectivity solutions

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