AT&T Wireless Broadband

AT&T Wireless Broadband supports your critical data needs. Dedicate your network connection to your most important business apps, keep remote locations connected, or use your plan as a backup service. Choose from a variety of maximum data speed options.

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Plans and pricing1,2

Get the right broadband internet for your business
Prices shown below are after AutoPay and paperless bill discount.*

Speeds up to 12Mbps

May slow after 75GB usage


Plus taxes and fees per lines

10GB AT&T Business
Fast Track allowance4

Get your first 10GB of data use prioritized on the network.

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Speeds up to 25Mbps

May slow after 100GB usage


Plus taxes and fees per lines

15GB AT&T Business
Fast Track allowance4

Get your first 15GB of data use prioritized on the network.

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Speeds up to 50Mbps3

May slow after 125GB usage


Plus taxes and fees per lines

30GB AT&T Business
Fast Track allowance4

Get your first 30GB of data use prioritized on the network.

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Speeds up to 100Mbps3

May slow after 175GB usage


Plus taxes and fees per lines

50GB AT&T Business
Fast Track allowance4

Get your first 50GB of data use prioritized on the network.

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Recommended device

AT&T Wireless Broadband requires a hotspot or router

Get the Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro starting at $12.78 per month*

  • 5G capability**
  • More device connections
  • Powerful battery
  • Built-in security
  • Fast download speeds

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AT&T Wireless Broadband internet

Enterprise-grade wireless internet that works with your business

AT&T Wireless Broadband gives your business-critical applications the fast and reliable connection you need to keep your business moving.

5G coverage

Gain access to 5G spectrum (5G) and AT&T 5G+ services, where each is available.1 All plans are available for use with a 5G and 5G+ device.

Prioritized data

AT&T Business Fast Track assigns a higher priority to eligible business data on the AT&T network, benefiting you in times of network congestion.2

Backup service

Have a highly dependable backup connection for times when your wired connection is in high demand or there’s failure.

AT&T Wireless Broadband resources

Explore how Wireless Broadband can meet your fixed wireless internet needs

Top of 5G small cell tower

Wireless data for your business

See how Wireless Broadband can work as a primary or failover internet connection, connect remote sites, and provide a cost-effective wireless internet solution for your business.

Explore the infographic

Frequently asked questions

A wireless data rate plan designed with customers’ business critical applications in mind. Larger business customers can choose from 4 plans with maximum speeds of up to 12, 25, 50 or 100 Mbps. Small business customers on a qualified wireless service agreement have an additional plan option – AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials - that offers best efforts speeds but fewer features.


No, however AT&T has teamed up with Cradlepoint to offer you advanced routers. AT&T-certified routers and mobile hotspot devices with Category 11 or higher modems are also compatible. Our up to 50 and 100 Mbps plans require a wireless router or mobile hotspot device with a Category 18 or higher modem and use where AT&T LTE-Advanced service or 5G/5G+ service is available.

Wireless Broadband is available for use in AT&T’s domestic coverage area. For specific locations, visit the AT&T Coverage Map. However, for optimal performance, your location must also have sufficient in-building cellular coverage. You are advised to assess your location’s in-building cellular coverage before purchasing AT&T Wireless Broadband.


Yes, you can move between Wireless Broadband plans or to other AT&T data-only plans that support routers and mobile hotspot devices.

Not exactly. Wi-Fi is a local wireless network that uses a router or gateway at your location to connect your Wi-Fi enabled devices to your internet connection (which could be wired or wireless) and to each other. AT&T Wireless Broadband is a way to get that internet connection wirelessly, using AT&T’s cellular network; AT&T Wireless Broadband is a suite of wireless data plans that provide internet connectivity for your router or mobile hotspot device, and then your organization’s smartphones and other devices can use Wi-Fi to connect to it.

AT&T Wireless Broadband is a suite of wireless data plans that rely on an AT&T SIM card you install in your router or mobile hotspot device (sold separately) to tap into the AT&T Wireless network.

Rate plan options
AT&T Wireless Broadband has 4 speed cap tiers to choose from – up to 12, 25, 50 or 100 Mbps – and there are no overage charges. With AT&T Wireless Broadband, you can choose the maximum speed you need and pay one flat, monthly rate. Take advantage of a diverse, flexible, and manageable business network connection using cellular.


Access to 5G/5G+
All plans offer access to AT&T 5G and/or AT&T 5G+ services, where each is available.*



Business Fast Track
Each plan enables a differentiated (enhanced versus "best effort") network experience for a specific amount of eligible business data originating on and traveling over the AT&T-owned domestic 4G LTE network (either 10GB, 15GB, 30GB or 50GB, depending on your selected plan) - a benefit when the network is congested.*



A dynamic, application-aware solution.

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5G for Business

5G network technology will ultimately alter user experiences and business efficiencies in dramatic, exciting ways.

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