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Harness the power of WarnerMedia Content Experiences with exclusive messaging and entertainment brought to you by WarnerMedia and AT&T Business. Engage your customers and keep them informed with content they care about, while positively reinforcing your brand.

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Engagement with the content and characters they love

  • Expand your reach

    Deliver custom streams across new or existing broadband internet, DIRECTV, and Wi-Fi for mobile devices

  • Increase your relevance

    Exclusive, custom, content-driven products to help engage your customers with the right content, at the right time, in the right place

  • Maximize dwell time

    Efficient opportunities for messaging in private rooms, dining areas, employee areas, lounges, lobbies, and other spaces

  • Time-tested news, sports, and entertainment

    From CNN to Conan, HBO to Harry Potter, Ellen to All Elite Wrestling, the WarnerMedia library appeals to every demographic

  • Deliver content where customers are

    Makes content available on your customers’ devices as well as on your digital signage

  • Content and asset licensing

    Access to more than 3,000 story and character assets to inspire actions, brand perceptions, and loyalty you want from customers


Content streams

3 customizable options

Recommended for you
% match
  • Custom-curated, 24/7 live stream of news, sports, and entertainment
  • Exclusive branding options available using your company logo and messaging
  • Localized content and advertising insertions, corporate training and messaging
  • Unique to big box retailers, bank brands, hotel chains, restaurants, etc.
Recommended for you
% match
  • Programmed 24/7 live stream of news, sports, and entertainment
  • Optional production of company or subject-specific content
  • Capable of localized content and advertising insertions
  • Examples include healthcare, financial, auto dealerships, air travel/transportation hub networks, etc.
% match
  •  24/7 content loop of themed video-on-demand (VOD) titles (comedy, drama, etc.)
  • Optional production of company or subject-specific content
  • Capable of localized content and ad insertions
  • Examples include comedy, kids, drama, news and sports networks, etc.


Your own content network

Features Details
Own the channel Own 100% share of voice and exclude competitor marketing while reinforcing your own.
Robust controls Innovative programming tools enable you to deploy, manage, and update dozens of custom streams unique to location, individual screen, or personal device.
Flexible scale Harness the power of WarnerMedia story and character assets throughout multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.
Tailored content per screen Deliver your unique message along with compelling content to every screen in your facility. From public area displays to personal devices, AT&T can deliver the right message to the right place at the right time.

Data integration

WarnerMedia + Xandr for smarter personalization


Relevant and intelligent

Combine the power of Xandr and WarnerMedia to put data to use for even more targeted personalization. With Xandr data and AT&T Business consumer insights and engagement information, individuals can be served relevant and specific advertising, content, and messages.

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